How to connect Android TV Box or Smart TV Box?

How to connect Android TV Box or Smart TV Box?

How to connect Android TV Box?

Most of Android TV Box Comes with Remote Control, HDMI Cable, Power Adapter and Manual

TV Box Package

Ripping open the box and hooking everything up.

First, keep everything ready.
Your Internet Wifi Router SID and Password.
HDMI Cable (come with Android TV Box)
Power adaptor (Comes with Android TV Box)
Android TV Box remote ( comes with Android TV Box) Please don’t forget to Put batteries inside the Remote Control.
If you don’t have a Router with Wifi Please arrange ethernet Cable.

smart TV Box

Step 1 Connection

tv box connection1. Turn on your TV and Set the TV to “HDMI” Mode
2. Connect HDMI Cable with Android TV Box HDMI Interface and Connect Other Side of HDMI Cable to HDMI Interface of TV.
3. Now Connect Power Adaptor to power interface of Android TV Box and Power on the Power Adaptor.
4. The Android TV Box Boot automatically into to Android OS.
5. After Boot up, you will many App interfaces and Setting option on the TV Screen.

Step 2: Choose your network

After Booting the Android TV Box You will see settings option by using your Android TV Box remote Click over Setting option on the TV Screen. You will many options for the setting.
Please Click over Wifi Setting to connect Android TV Box with your Internet Wifi Router. You will see your internet wifi router name on screen click over it and put your wifi password with the help of the remote control. After successful connection with wifi now Android TV Box connected with the Internet.
If you don’t have wifi Internet Router connect ethernet Cable from your internet Router to Ethernet interface of Android TV Box to connect Android TV Box with the Internet

Step 3: Add your Google account

To Download Apps from Google Play store or watch Youtube Videos Google account is a must.
For this, you can Create a new Google account or use your old account.

Step 4: Google Play apps
From the Google Play store, you can Download many apps which helps to watch free and Paid TV Shows and Movies. Play Games and Surf the internet.

Some of the free Apps for your Android TV Box

Please click over the App name and follow the installation process

  1. Sony Crackle
  2. Tubi Free Movies & TV Shows apk
  3. Swift Streamz Apk
  4. Movie HD App
  5. CotoMovies

Please Note: Some Apps are Paid, subscription-based or some are free.
You can search on Google for Free apps according to your country and Network Conditions.
App’s working Depends on your Network, Internet Speed, ISP, and Country Law. As Android Smart TV Box works through Internet, Many Countries and ISP Blocked some App and Streaming sites. In That Condition, you need to use some VPN Service

The Android X96 TV Box is one of the hottest product on the market due to its exciting specifications, design, LCD screen, and features.

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