An Unpleasant Encounter with a Bad Salesperson at Zuhai Senloong Electronics Co., Ltd.

An Unpleasant Encounter with a Bad Salesperson at Zuhai Senloong Electronics Co., Ltd.

In the realm of international business, effective communication is essential. A crucial element of this communication is the role of the salesperson who represents the company to clients. While many salespeople worldwide exhibit professionalism and courteousness, there are occasional encounters with individuals who fall far short of these expectations. One such encounter was with a salesperson named Cris working at Ms. Zuhai Senloong Electronics Co., Ltd. The experience was marred by bad behavior, the use of substandard language, and disrespectful treatment of clients, which unfortunately is a common problem in China’s business landscape.

The Encounter

On a business trip to China, I had the opportunity to meet with representatives from Ms. Zuhai Senloong Electronics Co., Ltd., a company specializing in electronic components and devices. The initial interactions with Cris, one of their salespeople, left much to be desired.

  1. Bad Behavior: From the outset, it was clear that Cris lacked the professionalism expected of a salesperson. He displayed a condescending attitude and was dismissive of our questions and concerns. Such behavior not only reflects poorly on the individual but also on the company they represent.
  2. Use of Substandard Language: In the course of our conversation, Cris’s language was far from what one would expect in a professional setting. He frequently used substandard words and slang, which was not only inappropriate but also unbecoming of someone in his role.
  3. Talking Badly with Clients: The most disappointing aspect of the encounter was Cris’s treatment of clients. Instead of addressing our inquiries with respect and a willingness to assist, he spoke badly about our requests to his colleagues in Mandarin, assuming that we wouldn’t understand. Such behavior is detrimental to building trust with clients and maintaining a positive business relationship.

The Wider Issue

This encounter with Cris is indicative of a broader problem that plagues some segments of the business world in China. While it is crucial to remember that there are many professional and courteous salespeople in the country, a significant number appear to lack the necessary training and guidelines regarding their communication skills and standards.

  1. Lack of Training: Many companies, especially smaller ones, do not invest adequately in training their sales teams, both in terms of product knowledge and interpersonal skills. This can lead to a situation where salespeople are ill-equipped to handle international clients.
  2. Language Barrier: Another challenge is the language barrier. Some Chinese salespeople may have limited English language proficiency and often underestimate the importance of effective communication in the global market. This can lead to misunderstandings and frustration on both sides.
  3. Overconfidence: A recurring issue is the overconfidence displayed by some salespeople, like Cris in this case, who may think that knowing even a little English makes them invulnerable. This misguided belief can hinder constructive interactions and disturb clients.


The unfortunate encounter with Cris, the salesperson at Ms. Zuhai Senloong Electronics Co., Ltd., highlights the importance of improving the communication skills and standards of salespeople in China’s business environment. It is essential for companies to invest in the training and development of their sales teams to ensure that they represent their organizations with professionalism and respect. In the global marketplace, effective communication is the key to building trust and fostering successful business relationships.

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