Portable Negative ion HEPA Air Purifier with UV




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    Date : March 31, 2020
    Condition : New
    Warranty : Yes
    Location : Shenzhen

    Portable Desktop Cum Car Air Purifier with Negative ion, HEPA, Active Carbon Filters, UV LAMP & Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser.

    The HEPA UV ionizer air purifier is a high-tech product for good and clean indoor air and provides healthiness and well-being.

    HEPA Air Purifier

    Air purifiers with HEPA filter provide optimally purified air and more well-being. The filtered spectrum is large and filters fine dust, suspended solids, microfine particles, tobacco smoke, smoke, dust, pollen, acarians allergens, animal hair, mildew, spores, and smells. HEPA combination filters can, therefore, liberate polluted air from almost 100% of dust and allergy triggers.

    Highly efficient HEPA- 3 IN 1 Activated Carbon filter combination.

    HEPA filter

    The activated coal prefilter filters gases, chemicals, cigarette smoke, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and odors like animal, fustiness, kitchen, and paint smells. The prefilter retains bigger particles.

    3 IN One Active Carbon Filter


    7 IN 1
    Ionizer with negative ions
    HEPA filter
    3 IN One Active Carbon Filter
    UV germicidal lamp
    Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser


    Negative ions: 6 x 106pcs / cubic centimeter

    Four layers of filtration ( primary filtration, activated carbon, photocatalyst, HEPA )

    Medical grade UV germicidal lamp

    Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser tank at the bottom

    Auto Power-on automatically,

    Fan Speed: 2 Speed

    ABS Body

    CertificationsL CE & ROHS

    Size: 148 * 148 * 82mm

    Filter size 1: 115 * 115 * 12mm

    Filter size 2: 115 * 115 * 20mm

    Color box size: 194 * 164 * 195mm

    Weight: 1kg

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