360-degree Motorized Selfie Stick

    360-degree Motorized Selfie Stick

    Motorized Selfie Stick

    motorized Selfie Stick
    Your Personal filming crane

    360° Motorized Selfie Stick is the perfect tool to allow you the freedom and versatility to capture those special moments in the blink of an eye.

    360° Motorized Selfie Stick is the filming crane of choice for social media superstars, vloggers, and anyone else that wants to make sure they never miss those make-or-break shots again.

    motorized Selfie Stick

    The handle-mounted buttons allow for single-hand operation so you can capture your favorite moments in glorious 360° for seamless photos and videos.

    motorized Selfie Stick

    360° Rotation
    360-degree rotation shooting without dead angle
    Button control electric rotation
    Can shoot panoramic photos or video, more smooth and natural.
    Powerful mobile phone clip, Non-slip design
    Ergonomic foam handle, comfortable to use.
    Bluetooth remote control camera, perfectly compatible with IOS systems and Android systems.
    Stainless steel telescopic rod, groove design, does not spin, stretching the maximum length of 69.5cm
    The folding size is only 22.5cm, mini size and lightweight, easy to carry, does not occupy space, easy to use


    Item Type: Selfie Stick
    Weight: 169g
    Size: 7570250mm
    Folding length : 22.5cm
    Expand length : 69.5cm
    Rotation angle: 360 degrees
    Battery: 1000mah Li-Po Battery
    Charging Time: 2 Hours
    Standby Time: 6 Days

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