Sony | Murata US18650VTC5 2600mAh 20A High Drain Li-Ion Battery

    US18650VTC5 High Drain Li-Ion Battery Previously manufactured by Sony Energy – Murata purchased Sony’s battery division in 2017. Newer production of cells is marked Murata and not SE (Sony Energy). Older cells will show SE printing.

    Official specifications for US18650VTC5 High Drain Li-Ion Battery
    Nominal Capacity (0.2C discharge): 2600mAh 9.36Wh (2.0V cut-off)
    Rated Capacity (0.2C discharge): 2500mAh 9.00Wh (2.0V cut-off)
    Capacity at 1C: 2563mAh 9.23Wh (2.5V cut-off)
    Capacity at 10A: 2577mAh 8.80Wh (2.5V cut-off)
    Nominal Voltage: 3.6V
    Internal Impedance: 13.0mOhm Typ. measured by AC1kHz
    Cycle Performance: 70% Min. of Initial capacity at 300 cycles 10A discharge, 2.5 volt cut-off
    Size (with plastic tube): Diameter 18.35mm max, Length 65.20mm max
    Standard Charge Current: 2.5A
    Standard Charge Time: 2.5h
    Weight: 44.3g Average

    Datasheet for US18650VTC5 High Drain Li-Ion Battery

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