YouTube Live Streaming: Features and Advantages

YouTube Live Streaming: Features and Advantages

Live streaming was famous even before our lives were affected by the deadly COVID-19, but the concept became famous when the world got hit with it. From celebrities to media channels to organizations streaming their events, YouTube Live has become the real deal. 

YouTube Live, what we popularly call YouTube Live, is another platform to reach out to your audience and deliver the content in real-time. The streaming will be visible under the live section when you go live on YouTube. Your followers will be able to access it on the YouTube page on the left side. Those who wish to see the live stream will find it there; they can also explore all the live videos in the library. However, your target audience can also watch it by directly clicking on the link, which you can share with them beforehand. 

Along with it, all the users who watch similar content or follow similar accounts will also be able to watch the same. In addition, your subscribers will see the live stream on their personalized page, which means they don’t always have to explore the entire library and then click on your video to watch the same. 

YouTube Live has become more popular ever since the pandemic took over the world. 

As per the stats: 

  • Around 80% of people prefer watching a video to reading an article. 
  • More than 82% of people like a live video over a regular social media post. 
  • YouTube Live is the favorite live platform for more than 70% of people. 

There are two major types of YouTube Live streaming: 

  1. Simple: To conduct this type of live streaming, one doesn’t need any fancy setup. All you need to have is a webcam, laptop, and a stable internet connection. Also, if you have more than one thousand subscribers, you can stream live with your smartphone as well. Using a web browser and a laptop to conduct regular live streaming for Q&A sessions is a good idea. 

2. Customized: This kind of YouTube Live streaming service is more complex than simple. The essential requirement for going live on YouTube with this format is an encoder. This kind of live streaming is most suitable for streaming podcasts or any type of presentation that requires you to add visual elements. 

What are the features of YouTube Live? 

Here, we have shared some of the most notable Features of YouTube Live:

  1. With YouTube Live, the creators get to share the content with their audience in real-time. 
  2. YouTube Live has a chat feature that allows the audience to interact with the hosts while they live is going on. 
  3. The host can save the video on their page even after the stream gets over. It allows them to cater to a broader audience and boost the audience engagement rate of the video and the channel. 
  4. During the live stream, the users can pin any comment they like. It also allows them to highlight any important information they want to share with the audience. 

What are the advantages of YouTube Live? 

There are several benefits of going live with YouTube; some of them are: 

  1. Instant Feedback: The first and the most crucial advantage of YouTube Live is that the host channel receives the instant response from its audience. The attendees can express their opinions and reviews using the chat and like functionality to express themselves and put across their doubts and queries. The hosts can seize this opportunity to win their audience’s trust and build up the audience base. 

2. Better Audience Engagement Rates: Another notable advantage of using YouTube live is to drive more audience towards your brand. As per the data mentioned above, a significant chunk of the audience likes to watch a live video over reading anything. Not only this, live streaming service providers such as YouTube prioritize a live video over another content format. Hence, if you are looking for ways to expand your audience rate, consider going live. 

3. Effective Relations with the Audience: The USP of YouTube Live is it streams live content. Since these videos are authentic, they come with zero editing and filters. It is the feature that attracts the audience. They prefer watching the raw content. This is the reason many people like to watch live content over any other format. 

4. Undemanding: While other kinds of content require preparation, the live format doesn’t demand any preparation and effort. Of course, you need to do some sort of homework, and they come without any demands of fancy setups and other requirements. 

Expert tips to make your YouTube Live streaming engaging: 

  1. Stream Valuable Content: Let’s get one thing straight; nobody has got enough time to spend on something they find invaluable. The same goes with your live streaming. People would want to watch your content only if they feel it is worth it and they are going to get something valuable out of it. Hence, the first tip to make your YouTube live streaming engaging, make sure you deliver good content. Next, do some research; find what people like to watch nowadays, what other channels are flowing, and then decide on an appropriate subject. 
  2. Encourage Real-Time Participation: Another effective way to boost up the audience engagement rate is to encourage real-time audience participation. One way to do this is through the live chat option. Interacting with the audience will allow them to feel special and boost two-way communication. Respond to their comments, acknowledge their presence, solve their queries, and involve them in the discussions. 
  3. Add Visual Elements: If the objective of conducting live is to interact with your audience, then a simple ‘sit and chat’ streaming would do. However, if you are conducting the stream to deliver some content, then it is advisable to add visual elements to make the streaming more impactful. You can use slideshows, pictures, videos, and other such features to add to the value of your live session. It won’t only act as a support to what you are saying but also keep the audience engaged and add value to their experience. 
  4. Make it a Fun Experience for Your Attendees: To make sure your audience finds the live streaming experience worth it by adding fun elements to it. The priority of your stream should always be to convey what you want to, but making it enjoyable will make the process seamless for you. Add jokes, take a break in between the session, share casual insights with them, and more. 

Almost every person now has an idea of YouTube and its live-streaming feature, YouTube Live. Now that you know the advantages and features this tool comes with, use it to grow yourself and your brand. 

Saanvi Patel

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