Which Cloud Platform is Best, GCP or AWS?

Which Cloud Platform is Best, GCP or AWS?

Today when the organisations have shifted major inhouse IT infrastructures to the cloud configurations. Keeping aside some applications in their own hand most of them are outsourcing their IT needs to private cloud configurations. It is very beneficial for organisations as they can focus more on their business expansion rather than developing IT applications to maintain and update their data continuously. Moving to cloud configurations also enables them to work on real time data and   to devote their resources and funds to generate more business and revenues so as to exceed in their field.

Two main cloud platforms establishing their presence in the market are Goggle cloud platform (GCP) and (Amazon web services) AWS. Most of the organisations go with AWS. It is the first choice to go with. GCP is also moving ahead steadily. Both of these cloud platforms have their own features to help the organisations to deal with real time data applications. They also have their own dealing policies for their customers. So, let us have glance through both Amazon web services and Google cloud platform.

Amazon Web Services

World owes to Amazon for the invention of cloud-based web services. These cloud-based solutions were launched over a decade ago. Organisations leaned on these web services for their growth and success.

Amazon offers a number of quality product or we can say features to the organisations. These characteristics make it the most accepted platform. Amazon has its data centres or service providers across many regions in the world.

AWS offers variety of services to its customers, a few of them are computing, database, content delivery and storage, operating system and networking. Clients allied with Amazon can select the services as per their preference.

Amazon Kinesis Streams, AWS Lambda functions and Amazon SQS Queue are among the data collection services. Point to be noted here is that all these data collection services are serverless. Organization cloud infrastructure can also be monitored through the features provided by amazon. Management tools provided can also monitor the data activities in the system.

These management tools are like AWS CloudTrail and Amazon CloudWatch. Through these Not only data activities but user actions can also be traced. AWS somewhat lags behind due to its complex billing system and default service limits. AWS Online Training at 3RI Technologies will help you to become master in AWS cloud.

GCP (Google Cloud Platform)

Google cloud platform not only provides cloud storage but also drive storage. Electronic, mechanical, optical or mechanical changes are the medium of data storage on rotating disks. Google has secured data centres to store the files uploaded to the Google Drive.

Google also has its services for database support.

Google uses SQL and NoSQL to support the database.

GCP is an attractive alternative to AWS as it offers excellent discounts to its customers.

Google has the commendable feature of data security, and it does so by encrypting it. Same strategy is used for communication medium and data transferred during communication.

Google Cloud has excellent work force for deployment and support the of the web services. Web services of google are low in prices.

Google also deals efficiently in ML and AI applications like natural language processing, computer vision, speech recognition and translation. GCP Certification Online Training is also best option to become master in Google cloud.



Choosing a platform to learn and to be certified in depends on several factors like need to improve technical skills, professional needs perhaps the employer roadmap requires you gain specific skill sets, job markets etc… One can embark upon more career opportunities by doing certifications. There are no rules that can guide one to choose the specific cloud platform to make the career, as both can lead to the solution one or the other way.

So, let’s get into some key factors that will help to differentiate between both GCP and AWS, and to choose amongst them according to the requirement:

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the extensively used cloud platform across the world. As experience counts a lot, it can provide solution for different industries with different set-ups. AWS has easy to go user interface, which makes it easier to learn. At present AWS is an top of the world as it holds largest public cloud market share. It is pioneer of the cloud infrastructure services, that can be accessed through Internet. AWS has handed over the latest technical features to the associated companies. It has good documentation of training materials which can enhance knowledge of the learners. Top shot organisations like Airbnb, Instacart, Spotify are using AWS. AWS is the most demanded certifications amongst the other cloud-based platforms. Another advantage is an AWS certification also ensures certifiers to get in touch with wider AWS community but also gives them chances to expand the professional network.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is comparatively new in field of cloud computing, but it is growing   steadily. Services provided by GCP are at competent prices as compared to other cloud platforms, so customers can try different features at low cost. Google as a searching engine is always the first choice of the users. Today google plays a significant role in our lives through its applications like Google maps, Google translate. Etc. Data security and its effective handling are the prime features of GCP. If you want to make your career in Machine learning and Artificial intelligence than GCP is definitely for you. Organisations like Vimeo and Twitter are using GCP. Handsome Salary ranges are there for Google certified professionals.

One can gain certification in any of the cloud platforms, only need is to capture the core cloud concepts. To make good future in cloud-based technologies fundamentals and principles should be very clear. Once the comfort is there, one can work with any of the cloud service providers. So, stay focused, plan and prepare wisely for these exams, and move ahead with confidence.



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