WHC Solar Company Review

WHC Solar Company Review

WHC Solar a team of uneducated & impolite staff.
They don’t know how to treat clients.
How to deals with clients.
How to respect Clients & how to respect clients Privacy.

WHXC Solar
nothing like that

An encounter with a Horrible sales team & support member

Through WHC solar website, I contacted support for a product inquiry.
The support lady passed my contact to the sales, and the salesgirl starts making video calls without saying anything and passing the required Product information. She hasn’t asked that it is the right time to call.
When I disconnected her calls, but she keeps calling. She is not ready to pass the information. She is just making video calls.

The next day when I reported this incident to customer support staff, the support staff lady started laughing at me and asked why haven’t i picked up the call. After that customer support lady blocked

I google about this company to find some responsible person for the WHC Solar; I got contact details of one of the socially active Staff members.
When I contacted that Guy and reported the issue, he replied very strangely; he asked why you didn’t block her? If she is disturbing me.
I feel very strange what kind of this Company.

It seems like that whole WHC Solar Company Staff is uneducated and without etiquette.
None of the staff members knows how to deals with Clients.
How to Respect client’s time, privacy, or personal time.
Even they don’t know how to solve the issue.

Does anybody like to do business with such a company?
Where no one responsible person and problem solver.

It’s true that Salesperson represents the company and shows the image of the company work culture and stability. So be alert before doing business with such low standards companies and stay away from problems.

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