What is Website Analysis and how it is performed?

What is Website Analysis and how it is performed?


For any industry and business analyzing the performance is really important to know how our business is performing, where we are lacking, where we are working excellently, and last but not the least how our competitors are performing. Similarly, we should also analyze our website and we will discuss the same in our article and we will discuss how we can analyze our website so that we can have an insight of its performance as we know the website is so important part of the business or whatever have until you’ll not learn digital marketing don’t can get understand what is this so I recommend you join dg royals there you’ll so many things of about website the best digital marketing course in Delhi

1) Analyze the Website Content of Your Competitor

Firstly, to start the website analysis the most important thing you need to do is to conduct an opponent’s website audit or analysis and this does not need any prior experience or any tool or software. You just need to visit your competitor’s website and look for the content and analyze the whole website. Let’s have a look at the few points you need to look at while analyzing their websites.

  1. a) The first thing you should look in their website is to look for a navigation section where almost every brand segment their products, services, and content and arrange them according to the customer’s priority and the best selling products and strategize their website’s design.
  2. b) The First impression is the last impression therefore one should make the homepage attractive, look for the competitor’s homepage and check what all he has mentioned on the homepage and what all products and services he has featured.
  3. c) You can succeed in the business if you always keep a track of what your customer is doing and what are the products and services he is offering and what offers and discounts the competitor is running for the customers and we can also plan our website accordingly and strategize accordingly.
  4. d) The About page of the website has the information about your business and the business owner, you should always tell you’re positive features on that page and look at what your competitor has mentioned there. 
  5. e) Check the blogs and contents and latest information your competitors have shared and you should also work on the same but by providing the freshest information in the more creative form.
  6. f) Always look for the social media platforms for the competitor and from where he is attracting traffic from and you can navigate to these pages from their websites themselves because everyone has social media icons on their website itself.

2) Keyword Audit on Competitors Website

Keywords are really important to get yourself ranked on social media and also are extremely important to generate traffic on your website and to analyze what keywords our competitors are using so that you have a higher chance of attracting customers to your site join dg royals and get free tool for your website the best digital marketing institute in Delhi There are many tools available in the market that can provide you the competitive keywords and today we will be talking about the two of them and these are: 

  1. a) UberSuggest tool – This is an amazing tool by Neil Patel and will provide you many competitive keywords, along with a search overview and the topmost competitor and you can get more than 100 keywords.
  2. b) Ahrefs Keyword Rank Checker Tool- This is the best SEO tool available in the market and will give you amazing results and since it is manual it would take some effort but is an amazing tool.

3) Review Paid Search Strategy for the Competitor

After SEO the next step all the business takes is to use Google AdWords and Pay per Click for excellent results and the most important part of PPC is to understand your customers bidding and strategize accordingly. There are many tools available in the market to analyze the bidding strategy and the keywords your competitors have used. You just need to buy these tools since all of these tools are paid and they all give you excellent results.

4) Identify how your competitor is Generating Traffic

The last step is to identify from where your competitors are generating traffic and they can use On-Page and Off-page SEO both to attract customers and the Off-Page SEO that is creating the backlinks can help a lot in generating traffic and they give two important things to the website.

  1. a) Backlinks attract referral traffic to the website

They give Google and different search engines relevant signs that create trust, eventually increasing search engine performance.

Knowing about the profiles of the backlinks on any given website and know the dominance of this website and also give you an opportunity to identify the best backlinks websites too.

  1. b) Provide the data of Best Backlinks

Moz Link Explorer is apparently the best backlink tool in the industry for the initiate to conduct backlink analysis. This is a free tool, and you just need to enter the domain name and recognize the topmost links that are related to your website and related to your niche. This tool also provides you Moz’s proprietary Domain Authority for any website and will help you with the ranking of the website.



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