Trends to Follow to Grow Your E-Commerce Business

Trends to Follow to Grow Your E-Commerce Business

In this fast-growing digital landscape, e-commerce businesses are facing cut-throat competition for growth. Every niche is populated with too many brands – and the best ones are always winning.

That said, if you wish to take your e-commerce brand to the next level, there are many technological and marketing trends that’ll help you reach this goal.

In this blog, we will tell you about powerful e-commerce growth trends you can follow to accelerate your business growth.

SMS Marketing Automation

Yup! You heard it right. SMS marketing automation is an emerging marketing trend for e-tail brands all across the globe. The simple, text-only no-nonsense structure of an SMS, its reach over the cellular network (no internet required!). A recent study for e-commerce businesses revealed that SMS marketing or text marketing is the topmost preferred channel by consumers to engage with businesses.

SMS marketing for e-commerce makes more sense because of its incredibly high opening rate of more than 95 percent. Out of this, 90% of the messages are opened within the first 3 minutes. Moreover, texting a much more familiar method of communication by the audience.

If you create an immaculate SMS marketing campaign, you’ll be able to onboard more customers faster and push more sales rapidly. Some of the best marketing automation systems like Wigzo, an AI-based smart e-commerce growth platform, allow e-tailers to create SMS marketing campaigns with custom automation. Brands can even use such tools to broadcast personalized text-based offers to their subscribers at regular intervals.

WhatsApp Marketing

Is your e-commerce business already leveraging WhatsApp for powering its marketing goals? If not, now is the time.

With more than 1.5 billion globally active users, a presence in 180 countries, and an intuitive interface, no wonder WhatsApp is like a growth magnet for global marketers. Not only WhatsApp is great for one-on-one customer communication, but it is also a marvelous tool for solving cart abandonment in e-commerce. Besides, it is also an excellent channel for mobile user acquisition strategy.

How to use WhatsApp to battle e-commerce cart abandonment?

The average shopping cart abandonment rate is well over 69% – whereby customers add products to their digital carts but leave without purchasing. This will happen 7 out of 10 times on average. However, this situation can be curbed with powerful WhatsApp cart recovery automation. For instance, Wigzo also helps businesses recover up to 60% of the lost sales by sending them an automated nudge and cart-recovery follow-ups over the user’s WhatsApp.

Focus on Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel marketing has become synonymous with successful marketing for almost every B2C business. Omnichannel marketing engages 19 percent of customers as opposed to only 5.4 percent by single-channel approaches.

Omnichannel marketing is all about providing a personalized experience to your customers via a given channel based on the data collected from the users’ behavior on other channels. If you are looking for a successful customer retention strategy template, we’d say it is omnichannel marketing for e-commerce. And, e-commerce marketing automation tools like Wigzo have made it much more effective and effortless – thanks to the hardworking background AI engine!

Key benefits that e-commerce brands reap with effective omnichannel marketing are;

Higher average order value (AOV+++)
One-on-One Customer Communication
Higher conversion rate
Superior overall marketing ROI
Push Notifications

Speaking of the best marketing automation systems for e-commerce, Push notifications can’t be left out of the conversation!

The best things about push notifications are flexibility and simplicity. Your users won’t be forced to exchange their personal information to subscribe to your brand in order to receive regular updates and offers. Secondly, they’ll instantly come-across the push notification when they log back to their device and open your site/app.

You can either deploy mobile push notifications or web push notifications or both to grow your subscribers’ list fast in a relatively short amount of time. Then, use different push campaigns to drive more sales and keep up the pace!

Finding the right marketing automation tool

There are too many marketing automation tools out there to help you generate leads automatically and sell more via your e-tail setup. However, it is advised that you select the right marketing automation tool that not only fulfills all your individual business requirements but also scales with you.

Moreover, the tool must be able to give you real-time insights into your campaigns, CRM, e-commerce analytics, etc. through a unified dashboard. One such recommended tool is Wigzo. Not only is it AI-powered, but Wigzo is also a leading platform used by global e-commerce giants to create bulletproof marketing campaigns, acquire new customers, convert and sustain them for maximum lifetime value.

If you are wondering how to increase user acquisition and supercharge your conversion rate, tools like Wigzo can help you crack your e-commerce growth goals.

Hope that the above-mentioned e-commerce trends will help you formulate your own success strategy and implement it with a reliable marketing automation system.

Until next time!

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