Transportation in Cancun and its airport

Transportation in Cancun and its airport

As you know, Cancun is the capital of Mexican tourism. A perfect place to spend a vacation with all kinds of adventures and emotions. If you haven’t had the chance to visit this place yet; I will tell you some important things about Cancun in case you decide to spend your vacations in this paradisiacal place.

Yes, Cancun is known as one of the tourist places on the planet that attracts millions of people almost every year for its good weather and beautiful beaches.

But there is something you should know and that is about Cancun transportation, most especially in transportation to or from the airport. Cancun is a very popular place and you will need the right means to move from one place to another.

The Cancun airport has received quite a bit of criticism, but with the new renovation, the Cancun airport is constantly improving and now has a lot of amenities and a reputation for being one of the most organized and best airports in Mexico. The new renovations have made traveling through it very easy. In addition, the airport’s value for money is remarkable.

As for the transportation system, Cancun offers a modern and easy way to get around. There are many travel agencies that offer very affordable excursions via transfers.

The above applies if you are someone like me traveling from another country to Cancun. First you have to know that Cancun is 16 km from the airport and getting from one point to another will be complicated if you have not chosen a shuttle. 

Therefore, I highly recommend you to do some research on the internet and take a look at the websites of the hundreds of companies that offer Cancun to Tulum shuttle services, Playa del Carmen or any other point of the Riviera Maya.

You should visit at least five websites of the companies that offer transportation services and you will see that they all offer pretty similar low prices for their services, so it will be difficult for you to choose the best one.

The best advice I can give you is not to read the entire websites of these companies, just look for the comments from customers about how they are satisfied with these companies and make sure they have online booking options, because it would be very frustrating if you choose a company without an online booking option.

Well, now that you know these things about Cancun airport transportation it’s time for you to have fun and choose the company that best suits your needs based on price, exposure or even the year of the car. 

Remember that the goal is to arrive at your destination as relaxed as possible to be able to take advantage of all the benefits Cancun or any other Riviera Maya destination offers with its beautiful white sand beaches and turquoise water, to its world class resorts ideal for honeymoons and vacations in couple or family.

Now only enjoy your trip to Riviera Maya!


Harry Miler


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