Top Ways to Get Your First T-shirt Sale

Top Ways to Get Your First T-shirt Sale

Starting an online t-shirt business is a great idea to add to your passive income. But as an owner, making your first sale is critical.

Every entrepreneur looks forward to making their first sale. It’s not only symbolic but necessary. Sealing the first sale can bring a turning point in your entrepreneurial journey. But don’t forget that obtaining the first buyer is nothing short of a battle.

To win this battle, we have compiled a list of some proven ways. You can make your first sale without breaking your bank. Here is how —

People love t-shirts. They can make your entire outfit pop, help you make a statement, or be a conversation starter.

Explore your audience & niche

Selling custom t-shirts online isn’t a domain that you only claim. There is a high possibility that other merchants will have the same dream. So, it’s always better to explore your market. Find out the type of audience going to buy your product means t-shirts.

If you think everyone is going to buy your shirts, think again. Targeting everyone isn’t a good idea. This will also cost you both money and time. Be specific, and pick a category of shirts you want to sell. For example, “pet lovers” is one of the many categories. Choosing this category isn’t a good idea since it’s broad. Be more specific and choose “dog lovers” or “cat lovers.” Narrow down your category to target the exact audience you want to sell to.

This is also going to be your niche. Explore it as much as you can because the possibility of your first sale lies here!

Send free t-shirt samples to the influencers

The Web has no dearth of influential bloggers, entrepreneurs, journalists, and more. You can find them belonging to a wide array of industries. You just need to get the ones who belong to your industry.

Many influencers carry a huge fan-following across various social media channels. Sending a free t-shirt sample to them means that you appreciate their work, and it’s a small token of love for building a cooperative relationship.

When you get a mention in one of their posts, it means a lot for your business. This can lead to a spike in your traffic as well as social media following. But you need to win their hearts and seal approval from them.

Create an email list

Do you have a list of email addresses, including existing and potential customers interested in buying custom t-shirts? If yes, you can get information related to your business, products, and offers land in their inboxes. Regular updates rolling out on Facebook and Twitter skips information reaching out to your entire followers. Sometimes, it happens due to different time zones and algorithms taking place on social media.

Add an email subscription form to your website. Slowly, it will get you a desired list of emails.

But to entice visitors to sign up for your emails, instead of asking “Subscribe to our newsletters,” provide them an incentive or something that would add value to them.

Try out Google Ads

Google Ads, previously known as AdWords, needs no introduction. It’s a popular PPC (pay-per-click) advertising strategy that helps t-shirt business owners to put ads on Google search result pages. Besides, you can place the ads on third-party websites and YouTube channels as well.

The massive reach of Google Ads makes it famous among the business fraternity. It just takes a few minutes to set up and publish your campaign. If you have a small budget for t-shirt business advertising, harness the power of Google Ads. With a targeted advertising campaign, you will have your first customer in no time!

In case you encounter any problem during your campaign setup or launch, you can talk to Google Ads experts for a speedy resolution.

Keep creating creative designs. 

If you want people should run for your shirts, you need to introduce new designs regularly. Think of your niche and design accordingly. Create a limited-edition collection to excite your audience. Also, consider upcoming holidays to bring designs that people will love to flaunt.

The better your design is, the better your sale will be. Take note of your customer’s interests. Think of the designs that they really want. With easy-to-use tools like t shirt maker, it’s pretty simple to create designs on your own. If you are not good at designing, you always have the option of hiring a professional designer.


Today, the custom t-shirt business is stronger than ever. It also means the competition is getting stiffer. As a t-shirt business owner, you need to be one step ahead of your competitors to get the first sale. Be authentic and create designs that appeal to your targeted market.

Get good t-shirt printing services for optimum quality. You can also consider opening a merch shop on sites like Designhill and more.

Stay resilient, focus on quality, and you’re sure to get your first sale.

Anne Carton


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