Top 5 Google Rank Checker tools to be on top of the SERPs

Top 5 Google Rank Checker tools to be on top of the SERPs

Top 5 Google Rank Checker tools to be on top of the SERPs
In the Google search results, rankings matter the most. The first page earns more than 70% of all the clicks after all.
Though, how do you find your search ranking on Google?
You can make Google position checks simple, faster, and accurate with the top 5 best Google rank checker tools.
It is the reason why we have compiled a list of Google Keyword Ranking Tools, from Google Search Console to SEMrush, is how we have compiled a list.
In the world of SEO, there is a lot of interest in tracking the rankings of the keywords.
How are these mystical keyword search rankings determined, and how do you keep track of them, though you might have heard this general phrase thrown around by your colleagues or digital marketing consultants earlier?
If you wish to discover the top tool for monitoring your ranking position on search engines like Google, just scroll down!
1. Google Search Console
Google Search Console is the best option when it comes to checking your Google keyword rankings.
Google Search Console offers your business a massive amount of information that is developed and managed by Google. You can find all in Google Search Console whether you are curious about the keywords the drive clicks or impressions or the type of content that is going to perform well, like texts and videos.
Follow these steps if you wish to find your keyword rankings for Google with Google Search Console:
• Log in to Google Search Console
• Go to
• Hit “Enter” or click the search button after entering your keyword
• “Search performance for this query” box and view the search results.
Google Search Console offers a free way to find your search rankings while being an intensive manual process. You get a free way to find out your search rankings through this console. Several pieces of valuable data all in one place are compiled here.
2. AccuRanker
You can use AccuRanker if you are looking for a bare-minimum approach to find your Google keyword ranking.
You get the previews on the search engine results pages or the SERPs on Google as it is a free tool. To your country and your location, you can easily tailor the results. You can even see what the results look like on desktop or mobile devices if you want.
Follow these steps to use AccuRanker to find your search rankings:
• Go to AccuRanker’s SERP Checker
• Enter your targeted keywords
• Select your country
• Choose your location if desired.
• Pick your device if desired.
• Click “Search Now!”
You can only view the first page of search results with the SERP Checker is what you need to keep in mind. Five searches per day are how Accuranker can also limit its users. This Google keyword ranking tool might not be working well for your business if you have dozens of keywords.
To monitor your search engine rank or position, you can, however, invest in the paid tool of the company.
3. AuthorityLabs
In terms of specific keywords, AuthorityLabs can help your business track its rankings. It is an easier way to find your search ranking for several companies, mainly when you are comparing to the other Google position checking tools like Google Search Console.
Follow these steps if you wish to look-up to your Google keyword ranking in AuthorityLabs:
• Log in to AuthorityLabs
• Add or select your domain or website.
• Select one of the following options:
• Overview: Check out a summary of your keyword rankings
• Rankings: View the rankings for search engines and specific keywords
• Now Provided: To checking rankings for individual pages.
• Addition of Keywords: Upload keywords one-by-one or bulk
Your business will probably view the “Rankings” and “Now Provided” reports in most of the cases. The company can look at your search engine rank or position data from a range of views with the perk of AuthorityLabs.
4. SEMrush
You need to use SEMrush when you wish to do more than just find your search rankings.
Your business will attain several additional features with this paid Google keyword ranking tool. You can research for keywords, analyze the backlinks, check your Google position, update the monitor algorithm, and more. SEMrush goes beyond SEO, too, as these toolkits are offered through social media, paid to advertise, and more.
Follow these steps to get started with SEMrusg, and its keyword position checked for Google:
• Log in to SEMrush
• Select “SEO Toolkit”
• Choose “Position Tracking”
The following are the reports that will be offering your team many important pieces of information that include:
• You will get your top competitors in the search results.
• Your top keywords
• Your complete visibility in the search results
• The estimated traffic on your website
• Your average position in search results
• Ranging from three to 100, your top keywords
• The landing pages of your website
• Your rankings for featured snippets
SEMrush can make it easy to digest it while you have a specific amount of information. Through the main dashboard, you can easily access all the information at once. Or, to view each data point one-by-one, you can click on different tabs.
SEMrushdoes feature a higher price tag compared to the other Google keyword ranking tools. Due to its expansive capabilities and features, it is one of the best Google rank checker options.
5. Ahrefs
To offer a fast and accurate way to find your search rankings, Ahrefs is the powerhouse SEO tool.
Ahrefs is an effective one, while it is not a free option to check your position on Google. The platform offers a suite of some useful tools to check your SEO
is the reason here. You can do all with Ahrefs, whether you wish to audit your website, target your competitor links and discover new keywords.
Follow these steps to use Ahrefs as a Google keyword position checker:
• Log in to Ahrefs
• Click “Rank tracker.”
• Select “+ Add new” to add your website.
• Choose your website from the “Rank tracker” menu.
• Click “Add keywords.”
You can also export all of your data to a .csv file with this Google keyword ranking tool. There are other helpful tools to track and assess your SEO performance, as it is the file format that makes it easy to upload your data to Google Data Studio as well as Google Sheets.

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