Top 10 Electric Dab Rigs of 2021

Top 10 Electric Dab Rigs of 2021

An e-rig is more advantageous than a standard rig setup. Because of technology, electronic dab rigs are more intuitive and easier to handle than ordinary rigs. Traditional electric dab rigs require complex arrangements including a butane torch.

Generally, e-rigs are easy to use, precisely controlled temperatures, portable, and no need for an e-nail or butane torch. There are hundreds of e-rigs that you can find in the market. In this article, we focus on the top 10 e-rigs for 2021.

Pulsar RoK Electric Dab Rig

This is a premier electric dab rig by Pulsar. It has a glass beaker base and is compatible with both dry herbs and concentrates. All you have to do is switch the coils whenever you want to switch from one form to another.

The Rok is only 6.75″ tall in size making it perfectly portable. It comes with three heating settings to help you manage your dabbing experience. You can always take advantage of the 30 seconds “RöK mode” for heavy and continuous hits.

Dr. Dabber SWITCH

It is usually a great experience to switch from a good thing to a better one. But this cannot be compared to switching from dry herbs to concentrates for enthusiasts. Dr. Dabber enables you to make this amazing switch just like its name says.

The SWITCH is a cheaper desktop E-Rig vaporizer that offers more than you pay for. The induction heat technology distinguishes and puts this gadget on top of the crowd. It is ultimately versatile with 25 precise temperature settings calibrated carefully to offer exactly what you need.

You don’t have to worry about cleaning, it features a self-cleaning mode that burns away all residues from induction cups. In 2021, Dr. Dabber SWITCH packaging includes all the redesigned parts to improve your overall dabbing experience. 

Puffco Peak Smart Rig

As the name suggests, Puffco Peak is at the peak of innovations. The rig does more than you can think. During your dabbing process, it handles everything for you from start to end. The battery reaches full charge in only two hours and only takes 20 seconds to heat up.

The Puffco Peak comprises two parts; the base and a bubbler making it ultra-portable. This also makes the cleaning process very easy and convenient. Puffco rewards you with a remarkable dabbing experience without affecting the flavor and potency of your concentrates.

Crossing CORE Portable E-Rig Kit

An e-rig is obtained by crossing a vaporizer with a dab rig. The Core e-rig has four temperature settings for a wide range of preferences. This is a super-fast gadget that heats up and is ready for use within a second and automatically shuts down after 50 seconds.

It is fitted with thick borosilicate bubbler filters which help to diffuse vapor and filter water for smooth hits. Nothing goes to waste, the e-rig has a glass carb cap that controls airflow for maximum utilization of your concentrates.

VLAB Halo Smart E-Rig

Most e-rigs do not give enthusiasts an opportunity to fine-tune their temperature and end up guessing. Halo Smart E-Rig has been designed to help you have an excellent dabbing experience by fine-tuning to your favorite temperature. It has three distinct temperature settings; 750F, 600F, and 480F calibrated perfectly to meet all your needs.

Halo Smart is smart in its name. It contains a smart touch power sense that makes the whole process of operating a rig effortless like smartphones. We can’t forget to mention a nichrome coil that heats up faster and is more resistant.

Oura Electric Dab Rig

Oura by KandyPens is a powerful e-rig for concentrates that was awarded the “Best Portable E-rig of 2019”. It is an excellent e-rig that contains a 5000 mAh battery with an impressive heat-up time of 5 seconds. Other important components include a clean quartz dish, a glass mouthpiece, and electric heating power. It also has four temperature settings; 1090F, 980F, 860F, and 620F.

RoK “Neptune” Electric Dab Rig

The RoK Neptune is a variant of the original RoK and is doing very well in the market just like the original RoK. It is 6.75 inches tall and contains a Boro glass base jar, disc perc, downstem, and herb caps. The RoK Neptune comes with a carb cap tether, silicone collars, cleaning tools, and USB cable.

Exseed Dabcool W2 Electric Dab Rig

Dabcool W2 Electric Dab Rig is a powerful e-rig powered by a 1500mAh battery to help you enjoy your concentrates. It is about 7.63 inches tall and features four temperature settings; (680, 600F, 500F, and 450F), and 20 seconds heat up time. This e-rig is made up of rubber and metal with a grip at the bottom to prevent it from moving during use.

Vista Electric Dab Rig Bubbler

If you are experiencing difficulties deciding between glass pieces for your dabbing adventures and vapes, here is a perfect solution. Vista Bubbler allows you to do both with ease. The heating chamber of this gadget allows you to switch between three temperature settings. Another advantage of Vista is the ability to cool the vapor before reaching the mouthpiece. Powered by a 2000mAh battery and an impressive wireless charging system.

Pulsar Hand-E Nail V3 Electric Rig

Pulsar Hand-E Nail V3 Electric Rig showcases the greatest and powerful technology. It has two temperature settings; 1000F and 650F. You need one touch to switch between the temperatures making it very convenient to use. It enables you to have an excellent vaping excellent without tampering with your favorite flavor.

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