Top 10 apps to make video with photos

Top 10 apps to make video with photos

Top 10 apps to make video with photos

How to make a video with photos on the phone?

We always make a video in which photos are animated with music. It’s a wonderful way to share our photos taken while traveling or in everyday life. What is more important is that this way is easier than creating a real video.
So, you can import your photos into your computer and make a video with photos and music with powerful editing software, you can also add special transitions or effects to make it more engaging.
If you want to directly create a video with photos in the albums of your smartphone, there are still a lot of applications available. Here you are going to learn 10 best apps to make video with photos on iPhone or Android. You can compare them and choose what interests you for a try.
Part1. 5 Apps to Make Video with Photos on iPhone / iPad
Part2. 5 Apps to Create Video with Photos on Android
Part1. 5 Apps to Make Video with Photos on iPhone / iPad

1. FilmoraGo

Best video maker app for iOS
It is a very simple but powerful video editing app for your iPhone. FilmoraGo will help you make video with pictures and add music to it without stress. Moreover, with this app you can also create slow / fast movements, add transitions and change background color etc. for your photo video with music. Oreo TV for PC is one of the best apps for video editing and it contains an expansive range of movies and shows.
• You can add music, stickers, text, filters and special effects to your video.
• It allows to rotate or flip photos in 1 click.
• PIP function helps you add video / photo on top of other video / photo and position and size can be adjusted.
Free with in-app purchase offers

2. VidLab – Video and Movie maker

Magisto is perfect for users who just want to add filters to their videos. It doesn’t offer a lot of features and functions for editing purposes but it does have some cool effects that you can apply on video with just one click. The best thing about using Magisto is that you can save all your videos to the cloud, so that you can edit them anytime from a simple web browser. In other words, if you are not a professional YouTuber, you should try this app to apply basic effects and normal video editing functions.
Price: Free

3. Stop Motion Studio

Video motion
Stop motion studio is professional photo creation and editing software for your iPad and iPhone. It is free and can output Full HD and Ultra HD videos on your iPhone and iPad and save them in full resolution. You also have the option to export in GIF image format.
Price: Free

4. Magisto – Magical Video Editor

Video photo application
It is one of the best video-photo software for iPhone and iPad, which can be obtained freely from App Store. This app can create from your videos and photos. Magisto app is professional, easy to use and quality video editing app. Note that the Magisto app does not have features like those on iMovies, however, you need internet to use the app.
Price: Free
Ratings: 4.5 / 5

5. iMovie

Create video
The iMovie app is one of the most popular photo and video apps for iPad and iPhone. It allows users to create stress free HD videos. Videos created with the iMovies app can be posted to Vimeo, Facebook and YouTube directly from the app. It is easy to use and comes with the ability to record high resolution videos.
Price: $ 4.99
Ratings: 4/5

Part2. Top 5 Apps to Create Video with Photos on Android

1. Magisto

Editing video
Magisto Video Maker & Editing App is one of the best video photo software with music for Android devices. The application has the option to create a slideshow of media files like pictures, soundtracks and pictures. The app is designed with an easy to use interface. Other features present in the app include automatic video stabilization, filters, facial recognition effect and transition. You will definitely enjoy using it.
Price: Free
Ratings: 4.3 / 5

2. AndroVid Video Editor

Video clip
It is professional photo video maker with music for android software which can help you to cut, crop and add music anytime while making video using this app on your android phone. With this app, it is easy to cut and delete any part of a video that is not needed. This app gives you the option to add text, frames and special effects to your videos. Other features of this app include free converting any video to mp3, slow motion video clips and much more.
Price: Free
Ratings: 4/5

3. Video Maker Pro

Pro video editing software
Video Maker Pro software is a movie studio app to make photo video on Android and edit, cut and add media files to movie. It is easy to use and you will not have any problem while using the app. It also has a slideshow maker which gives effect to each image by itself. It’s a great app with good user ratings.
Price: Free
Ratings: 4/5

4. Andromedia Video Editor

Upright tool
This video editor and editor app is one of the best tools available to professionally create and edit videos in various formats. The application is free and allows you to create high definition videos in 320, 480 and 720 pixels. It combines the same features as other video applications with additional features like support for other formats like MOV, WAV and others. It has a simple layout design and it is very easy to use.
Price: Free
Ratings: 3.2 / 5

5. VidTrimPro

Video editor for android
VidTrimPro is one of the most popular video apps for users of Android and other platforms. It is normally considered to be the best app in this category with lots of features and an easy to use interface design. The other features of this app include trans encoding of your videos, image capture and also trimming. It is not free. However, there is a trial version which will help you confirm if you really need it before purchasing the app. Also see Oreo TV for Windows here.



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