Third Party Inspection Companies; an Effective Tool for Quality Control

Third Party Inspection Companies; an Effective Tool for Quality Control

In the world of today, numerous businesses require materials to be imported daily. These may include products that are either not readily available where you are, or are manufactured in a different country altogether. Whichever the case, import and export is the backbone of any multinational company or business that has factories in multiple countries.

While establishing a factory outlet in a different country is one thing, making sure everything manufactured there is also in line with the quality in your own country is a different issue entirely. If your company is distributing a product of superior quality in your home country and has a subpar product elsewhere, your company can not only lose valuable customers worldwide but might even get sued. For this purpose, third-party inspection companies in UAE ensure the quality of your product for you while you are away.

What is a Third Party Inspection Company

As the name indicates, third party inspection agencies are hired by the buyer or the importer to check a product they cannot test themselves either due to distance or to have an impartial verdict regarding the quality of the product and if it is at the same level that the buyer was promised. In many instances, there is a gap between a quality promised to the importer and the materials delivered. To avoid such mishaps and save the buyer from going through the hassle of either returning the entire shipment or travelling to a different country to check the quality throughout the manufacturing process, third party insoeftion companies were introduced. For a small sum of money, they do the quality control saving you a lot of time, effort and money.

However, for an agency to be hired as third party inspectors, it is imperative that the company itself or any of its members not be involved in the process of inspection and testing. The checking needs to be completely unprejudiced and from a neutral point of view.

Types of Third Party Inspections

There are mainly four main types of inspections:

1.   Pre-production Inspection

In a pre-production inspection, the inspection agency informs the buyer about the type and quality of raw materials being used. It is hard to determine the exact quality of a product that is being manufactured in another country, hence third party inspection companies help you ensure that you receive the quality you pay for. The inspection agency carries out the inspection of the raw materials and gets back to their client with details of stuff being used and the expected quality that will be present in the final product.

2.   During Production (DUPRO)

The second type of inspection offered by third party inspection companies is the one that is carried out during the process of manufacturing a product. This type of inspection is carried out usually in the early stages of the production process and provides the importer with an idea about the quality of the product. The inspection agency asses the product in its early stages of manufacturing and reports back to the buyers with details.

3.   Pre-shipment Inspection

This is the third and most common type of inspection that is carried out by third party inspection companies in UAE is the pre-shipment inspection. This is done when more than 70 percent of the product is packed. It is the most random and easiest inspection method, and also one that is most commonly carried out. Even though it is the commonest, the results of this inspection can be misleading at times and not give the exact picture.

4.   Container Loading Inspection

This is the fourth type of inspection carried out by third party inspection companies. It is seldom used but can provide useful information in certain cases. This is uncommon but can b opted for under some circumstances.

The Takeaway

Many businesses now have factories and outlets across multiple countries and even continents. It is not feasible for a group of people to be traveling throughout the year, going from one country to another, keeping an eye on the quality of their products, and ensuring the same quality throughout. It is not only easier but also budget-friendly to hire a third-party inspection agency that can do the grunt work for you.




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