Technology Can Actually Boost Your Sleep!

Technology Can Actually Boost Your Sleep!

Are you dissatisfied with your sleeping habits? Perhaps you’re “tired” of having bad nights one after the other? Well, you are not alone, but is it really such a mystery why so many people struggle to sleep? In this post, we’ll go over one of the major pitfalls to help you sleep like you used to. The “secret” revealed here will assist you in falling asleep FASTER, sleeping BETTER in less time, and getting the MOST REST out of your nighttime. 

Why Am I Having Difficulty Sleeping?

There are many reasons which may be making it hard for you to get in bed and fall asleep. Many of them can be prevented or treated to give you a good night’s rest. Some of them are medical, others related to your habits. Every now and then, you just need to make a little tweak in your bedtime routine to solve the problem of laying in bed sleepless. 

Bluelight Good or Bad? 

As of 2021, almost every individual in well-developed countries has a smartphone. Most people use a computer, either daily in their work routine, or recreationally from time to time. A good percentage of people have a TV waiting for them at home, and they do watch it when they come from work. What do all of these have in common? Screens. Displays. Bright colors. 

Back in the day, when there was no such thing as artificial light, our eyes adapted to the ongoing day-night cycle. Things were really simple and stayed the same every single day. In the morning, the sun rose, and the world was bright and colorful. We were exposed to the natural sunlight only, and our brains sensed that it was wake-up go-hunt-for food time. And in the evening, when the sunset went down, and darkness emerged slowly, our mind thought “hmm, it is time to find shelter, rest, and sleep”. 

Now, we are no longer bound to that same cycle. We can see light brighter than the sun right in the middle of the night, and we can be in total darkness during the daytime. That is not doing our bodies any favors, as we are creatures of habits and patterns. Humans were adapted to function within the natural cycles of the planet. Now, all of the technology and artificial lighting are bombarding us without a stop, giving our brains receptors confusing signals and creating stress within the person.

The blue-light from your old lamp, your bright TV, or smartphone screen is doing your sleep a disservice. Does that mean you have to completely abandon your high-tech entertainment or work tools? Absolutely no. Here is a detailed answer:

How To Mitigate The Harmful Effects Of Technology On Our Sleep

  • During the day, it is perfectly fine to use your computer or watch your TV. You shouldn’t be too concerned about the light, since now is the time for the sun to shine.
  • Approaching the evening, it is best to reduce your exposure to artificial lighting. You don’t want to send your brain the signal that it’s still daytime.
  • There are now advanced apps and software to help you make your screen less dangerous. These technologies reduce the amount of the harmful light that’s coming out of your display, allowing you to keep using your devices, but with warmer and less bright colors. Some gadgets (such as Windows or macOS laptops) have a pre-installed settings option for Night-Time screen usage. Your phone might as well. If you want to use separate software, f.l.u.x is a popular option.

Tech-To-Boost Your Sleep

Yes, technology can actually enhance your sleep instead of degrading it! There are now many devices and apps to specifically affect your sleep in a positive way. Most of them help you get in the right state before bedtime. They are designed to help you relax, feel sleepy and get a good rest.

If you are a smartphone user, installing another app is no biggie, but it can have a substantial effect on your quality of sleep. A Japanese website ( recently put out an article on the best sleeping apps to boost your rest! No wonder the Japanese have trouble sleeping, they are the most known workaholic nation in the world. At least they are heavily using technology, so they can get some benefit out of that. 

And if you were thinking about purchasing another gadget to supplement your lifestyle, there are plenty to choose from regarding your sleep. A number of them can help you analyze the sleep you are already getting, others will help you get the best sleep of your life. Check out this amazing guide to learn more about the most recent cutting-edge tech.



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