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Read Liver Transplant Patient Stories in India and Get Inspired

Read Liver Transplant Patient Stories in India and Get Inspired

India is a popular destination for transplant surgeries for its lower costs and good postoperative facilities. Among the many hospitals in India, Max Centre for Liver Transplant and Biliary Sciences is a busy center for the same.

The patients come from many countries to India to avail of the treatment and go back healed with a very high success rate.

The center is popular for liver transplant in India. Thanks to its very experienced team of doctors that set up the center in the year 2001.

The team has grown over the years and has a strength of over 200 doctors. There have been more than 2600 transplant operations in this timespan.

The patients have shared the stories of their treatment at the center via a liver transplant and you can also read them here:

Mrs Kabura Al Hamid, Nigeria

The first story is that of a mother and son, where the mother needed a liver transplant to survive and the son donated part of his own to do his bit to save his mother. Mrs. Kabura Al Hamid came to Max hospital for a check-up in 2018 with symptoms of tiredness and loss of reaction to things. She was forgetting things.

In her words, “The problem I was facing was in the form of tiredness and I did not respond to things easily and used to forget things easily.

I observed that”
The result of the check-up revealed that she was suffering from chronic liver disease. As per Dr. Subhash Gupta, her symptoms stemmed from the fact that “she had a Hepatitis B infection in the past, which the body had cleared, but had left its mark on the liver.

There was also an abnormal connection in her blood vessel draining the liver. So, the blood was bypassing the liver, which is called the Lienorenal shunt.

Mrs. Hamid says, “After the test was done here, the doctor informed me that the liver is completely damaged and has to be transplanted. Initially, I came with my son who had come as an attendant and not as a donor.”

Once she knew of her condition, she did her research and learned about the line of treatment, and was ready for it. The son, bound by the love and affection for his mother volunteered to donate half his liver for her treatment.

He says, “I willingly offered my liver because she is my mother. She put her life on the line just to see us come into this world. Not me alone, but six of us. The only thing we can offer to her in life for now.”

The mother, not fearing for her life, was scared for her son. She said, “I did not fear for my health but it was for my son. I am at a stage in life where I have already achieved something in life but he is still young. When I heard that, I was not confident for him to donate his liver.”

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The doctors went ahead with the testing and then the procedure. “We looked at the compatibility between the donor and the recipient and the operation was planned about two weeks ago.

It was a fairly straightforward operation except that we needed to identify the abnormal connection between the liver vein and the intestine vein that was draining into the systemic circulation and once we identified that, we tied it up and postoperatively, she had a fairly smooth recovery and right now both have been discharged.”

Abdullah Bin Yaakub, Father of a 2-Month-Old Patient, Malaysia

It can be heartbreaking to know that your baby is suffering from a chronic disease and you would do anything to help him. This is what the parents of Muhammad Afif Irfan Bin Abdullah faced when they were informed of the life-threatening condition in their two-month-old son.

The mother describes her initial reaction as “I got to know my son had biliary atresia when he is two months old. A doctor from the hospital in our hometown told us about it.

They referred my son to University Malaya medical center (PPUM) for a further check-up and they suggested we do the transplant in India.”
The doctors found the child in a bad condition.

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“When he came to us at CLBS, he was in a very sick situation. He had lots of ascites, a very big abdomen. His bilirubin was more than 25 and he already had features of ongoing brain damage, i.e., encephalopathy, in which ammonia, a primary toxin, which is metabolized by the liver could not be metabolized and was nearly six times the upper limit of a normal range.”

Dr. Sharat Verma and his team performed the liver transplant on the child by using the mother as the donor. They also had to manage the legalities in a short time because of the child’s condition. “In this situation, we didn’t have much time. So, we approached the embassy directly to get the legal clearances done.”

The surgery was successful.

“After the transplant, he has shown dramatically good recovery. His abdomen size decreased. His bilirubin which was initially more than 25 came down to less than 1 within a matter of 10-12 days”

The center at Max Hospital, Saket and Vaishali ensures the best care for its patients pre-and post-surgery and can boast of a 95% success rate. If you know of any loved ones needing a

liver transplant in India, do take them there for the best care and facilities.

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