The nose is a very visible organ, open to any interpretation. Also, our society loves to comment. As you can see, there are many people who want a rhinoplasty, many who are satisfied, and not a few who are not satisfied. Because there is also a problem of getting the nose accepted by the environment. This dissatisfaction sometimes makes some of us have to have more than one nose surgery. Exceptions do not break the rule, sometimes we encounter examples of nasal aesthetics with really low success. Because there is a wide range of doctors who perform rhinoplasty. But one should not forget the fact that there is a nose shape that the skin, bone, and cartilage structure of the person can reach. Not only that, but this nose should be compatible with the person’s face and gender. The real success lies in this.

In 85 percent of patients, deformity in the nose is accompanied by a curvature of the middle wall of the nose that causes unilateral or bilateral stenosis in the nose and a large nasal concha.  30 percent of those who apply for nasal aesthetics have allergies that cause frequent discharge in the nasal mucosa. First of all, of course, the person should be able to breathe healthily. Especially in women, sometimes the nose is wanted to be very small while breathing comfort is compromised. I do not find this right. The nose that is capable of sufficient respiratory function and compatible with the chin and forehead is always the most ideal. Such a nose does not shout that I had plastic surgery and even draws attention with its beauty in the whole face.

So how do we get to the nose described above? By listening to our doctor well, explaining ourselves right to him, and looking at the past patient samples that our doctor has allowed. In these examples, those with a similar nose and facial structure give us a better idea about this.

Nose Aesthetics and Photoshop

My colleagues who use photoshop a lot will be angry with me, but what can I do? I am free to share my own ideas. We use Photoshop most often to show how the post-rhinoplasty surgery will be. I used it for a while. I do not comment without using you can understand. But I think it is completely deceptive for the reasons I will list below;

  1. Most of us just do it from the side. Because it is very difficult to do it from the front.
  2. Neither cartilage thickness nor skin thickness can be taken into account.
  3. And while doing this, we can shape the nose into the shape you want. But things don’t work like that in surgery. We can only play with the cartilage size and thickness. We cannot change the bone and skin thickness and length.
  4. The nose is an organ in the middle of the face. Even if a little, the surrounding structures are also partially affected by the result. Like under custody, cheeks, lips. It is not possible to show the change in these in Photoshop.
  5. The wound healing qualities and durations of people are very different from each other. Photoshop doesn’t show this either.

In short, I think it can be used to give an idea, but it is absolutely wrong to say it will be exactly the same. Besides, it requires skill to make photoshop. Some of us are not overly adept at this either, if the nose changes to that extent, woe to the patient.

What am I doing? I show examples from the photos of rhinoplasty surgery of my patients with similar features. I describe the possible result, or I hope our patients sometimes make and bring their own photoshop. I interpret them. We discuss and decide together. If our views are compatible, we make a decision.

Rhinoplasty and taste

Our country is on the way to tribal migration, therefore it has a very rich genetic structure. Their nose structures are also quite different. There are plenty of people who have trouble with the nose. Most of the plastic surgeons do the most common and the first aesthetic rhinoplasty during training. There are many people of all ages who have nasal aesthetics. Those who are very satisfied are in the majority, and not a few who are dissatisfied and continue to get them done over and over again.

Why are we satisfied with rhinoplasty surgery?

It is possible to achieve a very different striking appearance with nose surgery in people whose other features are quite compatible. Although some people want this change to be noticed, most people want a nose that is not known to have surgery.

At the same time, it is possible to get rid of breathing problems. Just correcting the image is no longer seen as a successful rhinoplasty operation.

Moreover, this is a permanent change. Therefore, it is necessary to think carefully, to investigate well, and then to decide on the surgery.

Why does dissatisfaction occur?

Incompatible results with our postoperative expectations. Each person’s face shape is different according to best skin specialist in Islamabad. It is possible to more or less predict the result that will occur after rhinoplasty by looking at sample patient photos. Trying to look like someone, unfortunately, would be delusional.

There are also some problems in other parts of the face. For example, the smallness of the face, the weakness, the chin being behind or forward …

It is a different matter that I do not like our surgery results to the environment. What should be considered and important here is the feelings of the person having the surgery. People’s opinions and tastes are different.

And unfortunately sometimes unnatural results occur when you want to get a very different result than it is.