Namehero Hosting is not compatible with Cloudflare Anymore

We hosted our site on Namehero Hosting. Plan Namehero Hosting Business Cloud. For the last month are facing Various problems. Always getting error 520, error 521, and error 524.

Namehero Hosting Error 520

We are getting error 520 frequently on Namehero Hosting. Our Setup Namehero Business cloud, LiteSpeed Server, WordPress, and Cloudflare Railgun. After doing the diagnosis by our tech team, we found when we disable the Cloudflare Railgun option error 520 disappears. But Our site works very slowly and it stops capturing Vistors IP.

Namehero Hosting error 520

We are continuously reporting the issue to Namehero support, by chat, social media, and support ticket. But no solution. As chat support ask to open tickets and get support by Ticket only. On social media, Namehero Blocks us so that nobody comes to know about the problems of Namehero hosting.

Namehero Hosting’s careless Director

Whenever we open the tickets for the issue they merge all tickets into one ticket and escalate the ticket to Jamie G. | Director of Operations of Namehero Hosting. Jamie G is a very careless guy, he never cares to see the tickets for 1 week.

Jamie G. | Director of Operations advises us don’t use Cloudflare as Cloudflare stops support for Railgun. When we investigate this from Cloudflare and other hosting providers. We come to know no such issue with Cloudflare and either Hosting provider.

Google Page Speed test

After that, we decided to clone our site and test on various hosting including some cheap hosting with Litespeed servers and Cloudflare. During our testing, we notice no error 520 and even no slow speed issue too.

Our site google page speed test on Namehero Hosting

Google page speed test on another LiteSpeed Server Hosting

Baseless & Logicless reply from Namehero’s Hosting Director

When we added these screenshots to the Namehero Support ticket. Jamie G’s reply was very funny it depends on website coding. Now you can Imagin the careless and supportive quality of Namhero Web Hosting company. He is trying to say website coding changes with the hosting company.

Jamie G. | Director of Operations hasn’t tried to use his little brain? How It’s Possible? When a website works fine on another hosting it’s clear problem with them not with the website code.
Jamie G. | Director of Operations try to mislead us and asked to upgrade our plan to VPS. why do we upgrade when we are not using our hosting Plans’ full resources?

Our hosting plans resources usage


Namehero Hosting has an issue with Cloudflare connectivity and Litespeed server software installation. Even though they hosted many websites on one server due that the server had resource problems and connectivity problems. This leads to website timeout, error 520, error 521, and error 524 instead of using little brain and giving solutions they just want to do an up-sale. Support staff just want to waste the time.

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