Master the Art of Storytelling in your Web Design by Perfecting these 3 Factors

Master the Art of Storytelling in your Web Design by Perfecting these 3 Factors

Businesses need support in getting to the goal of making brisk sales and earning healthy and steady revenue. Everyone starts with the website design to get going and create the perfect experience for their website’s visitors. But it has been observed that just the design isn’t the guarantee to make people stay on a website. Instead, they look for an experience that can engage them just throughout their visit to a website. And this is only possible through apt storytelling.
Compliment your design well; you need to back it up with an engaging story to make the visitor go through it right till the end of all the pages. Or at least the homepage is narrated through a storyline worth the visit for anyone. Unlike the design, which is usually created with a target market in mind, a story is bound to get everyone’s attention. This is the hallmark of successful storytelling so that a positive image of a brand can be created.
Please go through this blog as I discuss how you can also perfect storytelling and make your website alive, which is imaginative and fascinating to the core.
1. A Clear Narrative
The first step of any good storyline is that it needs to be clear in its narrative and not to confuse so that the person going through it does not understand it. Surely, when we read a story in a book, it can have several layers of suspense and mystery so that the reader gets hooked on it. But in a website, and specifically related to design, this isn’t a realistic approach. You can’t play hide and seek with your visitors or play riddles with them. That’s why a clear narrative is a requirement.
For websites launching their business for the first time, this can make or break their prospect. And can have a lasting impact on the visitors. When it comes to visual storytelling, everything on screen must be depicted clearly, and no ambiguity is allowed. Any company needs to research hard about how they can make their target audience glued to their screens.
How to Make Storytelling Work in a Highly-Saturated Marketplace?
Trying to penetrate into a huge market like Dubai isn’t an easy feat to achieve. For example, suppose you are trying to market a product related to children’s apparel. In that case, you need to keep an eye on what your competitors are doing and what is the best way to narrate a story here. Surely, you need to target the parents rather than the children, but the narrative must appeal to the children and their clothing requirements.
When you are sure about the story’s narrative that you want to convey, the next steps related to the web design in this concern will be easy. You just need to go with the flow by starting a story and move along. The central idea should be fresh so that to hold the attention of the visitor’s right from the word go. Only then can you manage to make it a captivating experience for your audience.

  1. Understand your Company, Product and Competitors
    For starters, this is how you can come up with a riveting tale narrating what your product is all about and how it is the best one available in the market. Don’t leave a single aspect about your product and the company untouched so that you are aware of everything related to the production till the product is available in its finished form.
    Imagine yourself in the place of the visitors to your website. What would you like me to see on a website that deals with children’s apparel? Now reimagine how you will tell a story that can work with your audience who are actually on your website to know about your product. See, everything is already in your favor; you just have to create a narrative that will work for you. But again, try to get a hold of everything concerning your product.
    Things to Ponder before Telling a Story
    Some of my readers may think that getting to know everything about your product is not a very difficult task. But think about it right from the moment you get the raw material for the product and then right till the finished product, and it is packed and ready to be sold. In some cases, the whole process can take weeks or even months to complete. Keeping track of everything in between can be tough for even experienced businessmen.
    Once you are sure that you know everything that happens to your product right from start to finish, then you can narrate the story to your visitors, which can strike a chord with them. This can make your website very engaging. You can put pictures, animation, and videos to narrate the story according to the story’s requirement to give special effects to it.
    You can always consult a web design Dubai company to offer you the assistance you need to make a story come alive.
  2. A Story to Cater Everyone
    Stories are not exclusive to anyone. Rather, they are for everyone to be told. I’ve given the example of children’s apparel throughout this blog, and this is not something that is restricted to any particular audience. Young people will enjoy the story about how you craft clothes for them, or young adults and people looking for apparel for their children; this is a good way for them to gauge your capabilities as an apparel manufacturer. Even older adults can buy such apparel for their loved ones like grandchildren.
    From the storyboard to the further treatment of how designs need to be put in and how you will conceive the overall process, things can be complicated. That’s why I have given you an option to get some help in this concern. Even if you want to work on your own, this is not next to impossible. You can come up with a storyline to complement your website, especially on the homepage. If your visitors like it, you will get positive feedback, and you can continue to improve until you succeed in your bid.
    Over to you
    Storytelling needs to be focused on how to make a brand look amazing. If you think that you can add something here to assist my readers or want to ask a question, you are welcome. Please use the comments section for any feedback.

Fahad Khan


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