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Landing pages for real estate in 2021

Landing pages for real estate in 2021

The real estate market landing pages are a fundamental strategy for any company in the industry. That’s because it is one of the most powerful conversion tools in digital marketing.

What is the real estate market landing page?

Landing pages are conversion pages and, therefore, fundamental to any sales strategy.

They are created to get more information about customers, which is of paramount importance for sending targeted ads and creating campaigns targeting a specific audience.

The real estate marketing landing page offers products, offers, and informational materials to exchange customer contact information. This information is essential for email marketing, among other conversion strategies.

How do landing pages help improve sales?

As already mentioned, landing pages are fundamental in capturing information about customers, which must be used in other real estate marketing strategies. Once you have some data such as age, marital status and region where the person lives, it is easier to send targeted ads and publish content appropriate to the persona.

Here are some uses of the landing page for your real estate strategy:

  • Segmented real estate marketing campaigns: The ideal is that the builders and developers have campaigns directed to several personas because the chance of generating a conversion is much greater. After all, investing in ads for those who are not interested in the subject does not generate profits. With the landing page, it is much easier to organize information, make this segmentation, avoid conflicts with customers, and lose money.
  • Qualified leads: In addition to targeting campaigns, it is possible to offer suitable content for personas at all funnel stages. This serves to qualify leads and leads them to purchase. As a result, real estate sales potential grows considerably.

Which strategies can also be used to increase sales?

Besides the real estate market landing page, other strategies can increase your company’s sales. In some cases, they are used to complement the lp strategy, such as email marketing. See now:

  • Blog texts: The content published on blogs is fundamental to increase sales, especially when SEO techniques are used. SEO is about optimizing texts for Google search and can be done in any text published on the internet.

These texts should be used to convert leads, especially those still in the process of discovering the problem. Therefore, the strategy is excellent for the top and middle of the funnel.

Among the SEO techniques is CTA, called for action. At CTA, the link to the real estate market landing page may appear, inviting the reader to sign up to receive promotions, for example.

Email marketing: As already said, the information captured through the landing page must be used later, to improve the digital marketing strategies of the real estate. From the moment you receive email contact from customers, you can invest in email marketing, a crucial process to retain buyers.

Through email marketing, it is possible to continue sending promotions, tips, properties in the persona’s preferred region, in short everything useful to generate a new conversion in the future. It also creates a direct communication channel between the customer and the company, which is essential for a network of trust.

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