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How To Wash Human Hair Extensions?

How To Wash Human Hair Extensions?

A hair extension’s lifespan depends on how you care, maintain, and style them when it is in your hands. Their durability may differ in terms of the quality and the type of hair used. Hair Extensions are durable and much healthier compared to synthetic ones. However, your ability to maintain and care for them shortens or lengthens their life-span. With proper care, human hair extensions may last up to six months or even a year. Even if you own synthetic hair extensions, you can make them last longer by maintaining them after every use.

Human Hair Extensions are processed from a hundred percent real human hair with the same characteristics as your natural hair. They need proper care to keep their strands healthy, shiny, and luscious. Remy human hair is the best product with cuticles aligned in the same direction. The arrangement of cuticles in Remy human hair products make them tangle-free and comfortable to style.

Though human hair extensions resemble natural hair, they don’t get the supply of natural oils like your real hair. So, you will not have to wash human hair extensions as much as you do to your natural hair. Experts believe human hair extensions last much longer the less you wash them. You have to be careful about when to clean them.  Over time, the products build up in your extensions as you wear and style them. You can then wash your extension with products.

How do I know if it is time to wash my human hair extensions?

As mentioned, you have to wash your hair extensions only when the products build up. But how do you know that it is time to clean them? Well, you can’t see if it is time to wash your extensions by the number or types of products you used to style them. After several wears and usage of products to the style, the extension becomes difficult to style; you can’t work with it to create New Hairstyles.

Here is the step-by-step guide to washing your human hair extensions at home without losing their original quality. However, please don’t wash them frequently! Haircare professionals advise extension users to wash them only after the twenty or thirty times you wear them.

Step 1: Detangle your extension with a wide-tooth comb

Human hair extensions are less likely to be tangled. However, you have to brush them with a wide-tooth comb to remove a few knotted strands. You have to touch the extension thoroughly before wetting them. If you don’t brush them, there is a possibility of tangles after you wash them. When you brush your extension, always start from the tips (ends). Then, gently run your brush towards the roots taking small portions. Be gentle when you stroke the brush to avoid pulling the strands out. Brush your extensions weft-by-weft and place them separately on the table.

Step 2: Fill up the sink or a bucket with warm water

It’s totally up to you whether you want to use the sink or a bucket to wash your extension. Fill up the bucket or the sink with enough water. Remember not to use cold or hot water. Warm water is the best to wash your hair extensions. Boiling water fades out the natural color, and cool water doesn’t cleanse dirt and oils well.

Then, pump out a few drops of shampoo into the water and stir them until the product is dispersed well. Avoid using alcohol and sulfate-based shampoos because they damage the strands and dulls out the original color.

Step 3: Apply alcohol and sulfate-free shampoo

Dip the extensions in warm water and ensure that it is drenched. Do it weft-by weft to avoid tangling. After the weft is wet, take it out and apply a sulfate-free shampoo thoroughly. When all the wefts are soaked with shampoo, hold a weft with one hand and submerge it into the water. Gently squeeze out dirt, oils, and shampoo from the strands with your other hand. Don’t strangle the weft; instead, squeeze the weft clockwise, gently in a twisting manner. Follow the same process for all the wefts and then place it on a clean piece of cloth separately.

Step 4: Moisturize your hair extensions with a deep conditioner

It is crucial to keep your extensions soft, smooth, lustrous, and moisturized. Take a dime-sized amount of leave-in conditioner in your palm and apply it on the weft from roots to tips. Let them sit for about ten minutes. Condition your extensions weft-by-weft just like you shampooed. Then rinse the wefts. Follow this process for all the wefts to moisturize them.

Step 5: Dry your hair extensions

Don’t use an ordinary towel to dry your extensions. Never! Rubbing a towel against human hair extensions results in breakage and loosening of the shaft. Gently squeeze out the excess water by twisting the wefts. Spread out the wefts on a clean table and pat with a microfiber towel to remove excessive moisture. Apply hair oil to the wefts to make them smooth and manageable; it gets much easier when you create simple hairstyles later.

If it is urgent, use a blow dryer to dry your extensions. However, apply heat protectant before blow-drying; heat is terrible for human hair. Then set your blow dryer to minimum heat setting to avoid heat damage. Dry the extension from roots to tips in a downward motion to prevent tangles.

Conclusion: You can’t be the best friend of human hair extensions if you don’t know how to maintain and care for them. They are your best friend, family, and savior if you know the tricks to take care of them. The primary and most important thing is to wash your human hair extensions to make them shiny, smooth, and luscious. The life-span of human hair extensions depends on how you handle them. So wash your Clip In Hair Extensions by reading this guide, but remember not to wash them often!

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