How to Use Buzzsumo – The Free Resource

How to Use Buzzsumo – The Free Resource

If you have been looking for an easy way to build your email list, then you might want to check out Buzzsumo. This is a list building tool that will help you build a list quickly, for free. With this tool you won’t have to pay any money when first getting started. You don’t even need a website. This means that you can get started building your list quickly and without any hassles.
This article is going to cover the steps on how to use Buzzsumo in order to increase the size of your email list and to make it free. The first step is to sign up for the free account. Once you are registered you can start building your list. There are two different ways to do it, the standard one and the turbo one.
The standard method
The standard method is where you build your list using the search term you entered. Then you are asked to choose a category. In this case we’ll assume you’re building a list for a free newsletter. Since it’s free, you don’t have to worry about paying for the list building tools or the subscription costs. See more information Group Buy Seo Tools .
Once you’ve picked a category, you need to pick a name for your newsletter. I’ve used the terms “FREE Newsletter” or “Free Email Newsletters”. You can choose as many keywords as you want, but it’s better if you pick a name for your list. You can also customize the look of your newsletter.
Next you need to enter in the email addresses of everyone who is on your list. You don’t want to put in the addresses of just anyone that signed up to your list. This can lead to your list getting bombarded with spam and you don’t want that to happen.
Place the emails in an appropriate folder and send them out at the same time each week. It might even be a good idea to set up a script that will automatically send out your newsletters. This can be done by placing the script into your cannel and then clicking “asmptisemail”. If you’re using an auto responder service like Webber it’s important to have the ability to set up the messages and to put the auto responder address in your emails. Most services will let you do this.
Finally, you should promote your newsletters. There are several ways to do this. One of those ways is by using article marketing. You can find articles pertaining to your niche in the niche you’ve chosen and submit them to article directories. Once there, you can include a short bio and link back to your landing page. Every time a visitor clicks through and lands on your page you get paid.
One word of caution
One word of caution: Don’t just throw out spam at your visitors. Your customers like it when they see a genuine offer for free. Offer them something for free and they’ll gladly give you something in return. It’s human nature. However, if they seem to be offering a product for free, don’t be afraid to let them know about it.
The third step for how to use Buzzsumo is to actually build your list. Sign up people for your list. You’ll receive emails from them as they opt in to your list. Make sure that you’re only asking for name and email addresses of people who want to receive your free newsletters. Your main list will remain free but you can build another list to sell products to.
Another option is to charge a nominal fee and then provide a newsletter. Most people are willing to pay for a quality newsletter. They’ll simply sign up for your list, if you charge a nominal fee. Some even prefer to buy a product through your list once they’re on your list.
How to use Buzzsumo to build
How to use Buzzsumo to build a list is relatively easy. Just remember to collect names and email addresses of interested people. You can also buy a subscription service so that you won’t have to keep sending messages to your subscribers.
You don’t have to be rich or have a big budget to know how to use Buzzsumo. It’s an easy way to get started in building your list. You don’t need to spend money to make money with this list marketing tool. Instead, you can use it for free and just get results.



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