How to use a wax pen, Tricks & Tips

How to use a wax pen, Tricks & Tips

Wax pens are relatively new devices that have taken up the concentrate industry by storm. They are renowned for their portability, discretion, potency, and better safety profile than smoking. Many new wax pen users always tend to be unsure of how to make the best use of the devices. This article guides you on the appropriate usage of a wax vaporizer. It is based on the typical specifications and features that are found in wax pens, including a battery, a mouthpiece, and an atomizer.

Best guide on the usage of a wax pen.

Below are some of the steps, tricks, and tips, arranged chronologically, that will enable you to get the most out of the wax pen you just bought.

  1. Make sure the wax pen’s battery has enough charge.

The nature of wax concentrates usually requires a lot of energy to vaporize. If your battery does not have enough charge (preferably fully charged), your enjoyable vaping experience could be limited to lesser time as a result of it dying.  

Fortunately, brands include battery level indicators that are usually in their wax vaporizers. With these indicators, you can determine how much charge your wax pen battery has before you start vaping. Alternatively, you can find a wax pen that is compatible with pass-through charging.

  1. Loading your wax concentrate onto the wax pen.

The wax concentrate should be loaded onto the wax pen only if the connection between the heating chamber and the battery is firm enough. The first step to loading a wax pen is to unscrew/ disconnect the mouthpiece, which reveals the heating chamber. Many wax concentrate dispensaries recommend that you should load a concentrate that is the size of a grain of rice.

 Always use a dab tool to load the wax concentrate. The atomizers in wax pens are very sensitive thus they need extra caution when loading. Otherwise, you can easily damage them and decrease their life. Therefore, you should be careful not to touch them while loading the wax to the heating chamber. 

  1. Activating the wax pen.

Once your wax pen is loaded, you should put back the mouthpiece and activate the wax pen. Typical wax pens are either draw-activated or feature a power button. Draw-activated wax pens have some sensors and transducers that enable them to activate/ turn on automatically once you pull a hit through the mouthpiece. Power button activated wax pens usually have a 5X click-on safety feature, which requires you to click on the power button up to five times to activate the vape device.

  1. Taking your first hits.

Some wax pens come with power options/ settings that enable you to vary the properties of your hits. Choosing the higher voltage settings could give you a cloudier experience with the authentic flavor of your concentrates being compromised. On the contrary, the best CBD vape set at low temperatures delivers fewer clouds, but the hits are full of flavor.

The majority of wax vaporizers require you to let them warm up/ heat up to the ideal temperature before taking your first draws. This heat-up time depends on the type of atomizer in your wax pen. Quartz and titanium atomizers are known to heat up on time, while ceramic atomizers take a few more seconds to heat up. However, ceramic atomizers are a notch higher in terms of retaining the heat and heating your concentrates evenly.

How to know your wax pen’s atomizer is working.

One common maintenance practice for wax pens is replacing the atomizer/ coil regularly. Depending on how often you use your wax pen, the atomizer may need to be replaced after a certain period. An average user may need to do the replacement after a couple of months while for a heavy user then the atomizer can last for several weeks.

As a result, you should know how to determine whether your wax pen’s atomizer is working. The procedure is very simple. You connect the heating chamber onto the battery and activate it. Subsequently, you should see the coil heat up or feel some heat radiated from it.

Key takeaways.

You now know all the tricks and trips of using a wax pen. However, the guide above is standard for a majority of wax pens on the market. Contingent to the type of brand, wax pens varies in terms of functionality and controls. Therefore, you should always read and follow the user manual if the wax pen comes with one.

Besides, you should remember to clean the wax pen regularly with cotton swabs and isopropyl alcohol.

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