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How to study General Knowledge for Competitive Exams

How to study General Knowledge for Competitive Exams

We appear for entry tests and recruitment tests to reach our dream destination. The dream destination is the fulfilling job or the college you always wanted to get into. Before we start with the test preparation, we go through the syllabus and test pattern. In our pursuit to excel in Reasoning ability, quantitative, English language, or subject-specific section, we tend to ignore something we should not. We do not usually pay much heed towards General Awareness which is the highest scoring section above all.

It is essential to be well-versed in Current affairs and general knowledge for competitive exams. Suppose you are aspiring for top colleges or any government job in Pakistan. In any test, approximately 10-15% of the paper features General Knowledge-based questions. The reason for extra focus on General Knowledge topics is to enable students to score well in the exam, group discussions, and interviews.

General Knowledge Topics

Before sharing some tips, let us look at the gamut covered under General Knowledge.

  • International Organizations
  • Famous Books & Their Authors
  • News Agencies
  • Presidents of various countries
  • Names of parliaments around the globe
  • World Stock Exchange
  • Important Days & Their Themes
  • International Days
  • Wonders of the world
  • The population of cities/countries
  • Largest Lakes/Oceans/Dams/Peninsula
  • Physical Geography
  • Pakistan and World History/Geography


The general Knowledge 2021 can be a cakewalk for individuals if they study smartly and systematically. In this article, we will tell general study tips to prepare for the General Knowledge portion. Here is the catch, after which you will fall in love with this section.


1. Be clear about Target Exam.

Almost every exam has a pre-developed trend and approach. That is one reason every exam conducting body asks questions within those parameters. Once the students are clear on this, they must go through the past paper questions. The analysis of the previous year’s questions will help students get insights into the trends. It will help understand students about sections from where the majority of General Knowledge questions come.


2. Solve Past Papers

You should solve past papers of at least 10 years. Solving past papers, again and again, will give you an idea of the mindset of the paper setter. The test papers will also tell you what they want and what aspirants they desire for the job/college.


3. Prepare notes for General Knowledge Topics

Keep a notebook in your hand all the time. When you write with your hand, your brain works too. And in that way, you remember things more. Develop the habit of writing things to retain them in your mind. Write short notes of 1-2 liners about everything happening around the world. You can also make blanks on what seems vital from the exam’s point of view.


4. Best Book for General Knowledge for competitive exams

Dogar Brothers is a publishing company that concentrates on giving comprehensive resource material in their books. The General Knowledge for competitive exams has extensive coverage of topics through notes. The revised 2021 Edition covers test items from 300+ past papers. General Knowledge guide is not only for competitive exams but also for FPSC, PPSC, Armed forces, NTS, ETEA, SPSC, etc.

Subjects covered in General Knowledge Guide

  • General Knowledge
  • Islamic Studies
  • Everyday Science
  • Urdu
  • English
  • Pakistan Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Computer Science
  • Current Affairs



5. Read Newspaper daily

Read A-Rated English newspaper daily. The Newspaper will help you in General Knowledge 2021 and the Current Affairs and English section. Almost every exam has a dedicated English portion. So, while reading newspapers, your command over the English language, grammar, and vocabulary will increase. Reading the editorials of the past few weeks will suffice.

Which Newspaper is Best for GK?


  • The Economist
  • The Telegraph
  • Dawn
  • Newsweek


6. Watch Special Programmes on Television

Watching Television for fun will never increase your General Knowledge. You can watch a unique Programme of arousing interest in a particular topic. Choose an appropriate time for yourself to watch any favorite news channel. See breaking news and headlines for an overview.


Shows that can help you in preparing for General Knowledge and Current Affairs:

  • Features Programs on BBC News, Al Jazeera and Deutsche Welle (DW)
  • Quiz Shows


7. Internet

In the age of the internet, Google, YouTube, WhatsApp Groups, Quora, and Wikipedia are our best mentors. So, you should use all the available resources on the internet to prepare General Knowledge topics. You can take part in forums that are concentrating on GK topics and current activities. You can join online groups on Facebook and WhatsApp to keep yourself updated.


8. Discussion Forums

There are numerous debate forums on the internet through which you can increase your General Knowledge. Taking part in knowledgeable negotiations through platforms can help you progress with your general awareness.


Summing it Up!

There is no limit to prepare for general knowledge 2021. Still, to have a start, go with the best book for general knowledge for competitive exams. Secondly, to have an edge, follow newspapers and be a part of discussion forums. All of these will be more than enough for the improvement of general knowledge.

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