How To Sell Custom Invitation Cards In Your Online Store?

How To Sell Custom Invitation Cards In Your Online Store?

Selling invitations online might be a promising business idea for you if you love decorative paper. Wedding invitations come on top in terms of demand, among many invitations. So, to attract a huge customer base, you can start by selling wedding invitations online. Later, the invitation retailing may also be applied to many other forms of invitations.

Some statistics can help you understand how a thriving field is in the wedding industry. 

In the US alone, around 2,077,000 marriages take place each year. Remarriage is one of four out of ten partnerships, including one partner who has been married once before. And invitation cards are sold based on customer’s demand in terms of design, card size, material, etc. So, it is wholly a customized product that brings in a great deal of product customization business.

Customizing invitation cards is not limited to offline shops but also grabbed its huge presence online. Before, the customer used to provide instructions to the print shop to design the invitation cards. Moreover, the advent of product designer tools has made it easy for print shops to receive orders as customers do not instruct them directly. Rather they design by themselves. That becomes too easy both for customers and print shops. One such product design software is ImprintNext. The custom product design extension for print shops and product decorators sells custom decorated apparel, signage, and promotional products.

Read on to learn how you can kickstart your custom wedding invitation retail company if you too want to sell invitations online.

1. Types of Invitations:

Decide on the type of invitation you are going to sell before you begin selling invitations online. 

Broadly speaking, there are two primary styles of invitations for weddings.

Digital Invitations:

Creating attractive wedding cards is included in a digital wedding invitation. It means creating invitation cards and encouraging them to be engaging and desirable to them. 

Take a peek at the benefits this kind of invitation offers. 

  • The chance of failure involved in digital invitations is low.
  • To register as a digital card designer, there is no need to spend any money. It saves your initial high setup cost. 
  • There is not much labor required as at the same time you can tend to a small number of customers. You can operate effectively at a minimal cost in this way. 
  • In this business concept, the least risk is present without worrying enormous financial lo, as you can drop out any time you want.
  • Digital invitations also include sizes. You can print digital invitations of all sizes and guide customers through all aspects.
  • Keep researching for any additional services you can offer.
  • Guide clients on how they can craft invitations on their own. You may also take custom requests and craft invitations from them accordingly.

2. In-hand Printing Service:

Full-service printing means providing clients a physical, in-hand service of the invitations, unlike digital invitation design and retailing. 

You can also go for a full-service invitation retail company if you believe you have a decent capital reserve in which to invest. For that, besides a store, you will also need a physical location to sell invitations online.

An in-house design team and some required facilities and equipment may also be needed, including:

  • A spacious workshop where all the machines and equipment can be put. 
  • An inkjet quality printer for better performance 
  • Paper 
  • Cartons, and more. 

Moreover, if you want to start an online store, follow the steps below:

3. Prepare a Business Plan:

Focus on the stage of your business plan before you spend capital. Second, ask yourself if you want to sell invitations as a hobby online or full-time. 

You can go for a home-based start-up level company in the former case. You will, however, need a workshop-based company if you want to start a full-fledged company. 

Keep reading to learn more about both business models in depth.

3.1. Make A Full-fledged Business Model:

You will need a workshop if you want to run a full-fledged business. You need an office if you want to communicate with customers in person. Also, to support clients with different requirements, you will need a workspace. Mostly, at some stage or another, a full-fledged business model includes opening a physical shop, office, or showroom. 

With a full-fledged business, as below, you get different benefits.

  • Improved contact with clients and a greater understanding of the experiences of customers. 
  • Enhanced outreach in the vicinity. 
  • Improved in-person visits and experiences quicker gain the trust of customers. 

3.2. Choose a Niche:

A proper strategy plays a key role in any business plan. To pick a niche theme, you should invest wisely. 

There are various kinds of invitations for weddings. 

Here are a few well-known processes for invitation printing that you should know about to serve clients better.

3.3. Choose Print Method for Print Shop:

Any of the following print methods for custom printing on invitation cards:

A. Thermography:

It is essentially a raised form of printing. To lift the words above the page, it uses heat and makes it look elegant.

B. Embossing/Debossing:

Two methods to make the text appear raised or depressed are embossing and debossing. Embossing is when you lift a logo or illustration to give the appearance of a 3D graphic. On the opposite, it’s debossing when you make an indent in the material you are printing on. Both are in high demand nowadays among clients.

C. Metallic Foils:

Metallic foils provide cards with a high-end look and make them stand out. For activities like baby showers and bridal showers, people look for such cards as well. 

D. Laser-Cut:

Laser-cut will not fail to amaze visitors with shapes and details that you can accomplish, either plain or complex.

E. Acrylic:

To get imprinted on the clear acrylic stock, these cards use UV printing technology. These cards have an improved impact for a better reading and a wide variety of color choices and full-color saturation. Acrylic designs are contemporary and attractive.

F. Letterpress:

It needs thick paper and is costly. With dark colors, they go well. 

You can pick a style or two that fits your interest, experience, and budget to begin with.

4. Pick the right Web-to-print Solution:

Integrate a web-to-print solution that can help develop functionality for a storefront, back-end operations, and payment and security features.

If clients get what they need to craft invites the way they want, they’d be more than satisfied. They are sure to recommend your shop for any potential purchases with these self-tailored invites they receive. And it’s going to get you a broad and faithful customer base. 

ImprintNext provides all of the above – W2P e-commerce solutions for print shops and custom product decorators.

5. Manage Supplies:

Write down all the products you’re going to need and search for similar suppliers. You will need the supplies required, such as cards, paper, ink, and so on. Find wholesale suppliers through connections with industry, trade journals, the internet, and so on.

You should go according to your budget and choose the one that suits your budget best. But because of the budget alone, I would recommend not opting for low-quality items. In the end, it is about client satisfaction.

7. Set-up Printing infrastructure:

Set-up the printing infrastructure depending on the print method you choose. It would help if you had a workplace where you can keep professional printing instruments. 

You can also hire professionals to help you with each work. Or you can opt for print-on-demand services. So you wouldn’t have to deal with all such stuff.

8. Promote your online store:

Without you selling them, your client probably won’t discover your charming cards. The business strategy of your greeting card requires efficient marketing strategies. For emerging companies, the best marketing strategy is word-of-mouth. 

You should work out a more systematic approach to your marketing policy as you expand. Social media marketing and email marketing must be used in marketing campaigns. You can also create and launch ads and have your business review printed in the local newspapers.

Via different retail outlets, promote your business. Show some sample designs in your e-commerce and social media shops. A fine, cheap way to get early business is to advertise through social media. You can also create and launch advertising in the local newspapers and get your business review printed.

Final Words:

Hopefully, you helped build a simple roadmap for starting a custom invitation card business online with this helpful guide. 

Things can get crazy without a plan. Hundreds of items have to be handled. But now, for your greeting card business, you have the perfect strategy and instruments to frame the perfect business strategies.

Kevin Cook

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