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How to know my URL on Instagram?

How to know my URL on Instagram?

Knowing our URL on Instagram is not very complicated. However, most people don’t know exactly how to find it from their cell phone or computer. In this post, we will show you step by step how to do it.
What is Instagram?
Although it is one of the best known social platforms on the Internet, there are still some people who do not really know what it is and how it works. Instagram is currently one of the most popular social networks that exist in the virtual world. If you get more followers on Instagram then you need to buy Instagram followers in Canada.
Instagram works with a profile (personal or business), from this profile you can upload certain content (photos, videos, links, links, stories, etc.). To create the profile it is necessary to have a personal email or it can be done by linking the account with a Facebook profile.
Finally, once the Instagram profile is created, you will be able to enjoy all the functions of the Application. The mode of interaction is by private message or comments on photos. In turn, if you are interested in the content of another account, you just have to click on the blue Follow button found in the person’s profile.
Steps to know the Instagram URL from the phone
Instagram is one of the best-designed applications for mobile devices, its interface makes navigation in the App super intuitive and fun. However, the profile URL is not visible. To know the URL it is necessary to follow a series of steps.
The fact that its interface is so in sync with cell phones makes it not a web site like the others, so it can be cumbersome to find the URL.
Enter the App
The easiest way to track the profile URL is from the PC, but since almost everyone uses the App from the phone, we will talk about it first.
As a first step, you must open the Instagram application on your cell phone. If you do not have the session of your account started, you must enter your data such as username and password to enter.
Open the profile
When you are inside the application you should look for the general menu bar of the application. In the lower right corner is the profile button, it has a round shape and in it appears the profile photo that you currently have in your account. Click on it and wait for it to be redirected to your profile. when you gain followers then your profiles rank increases, if you want your profile and page growing up contact
What follows is to see the username you currently have. You must copy it exactly as it appears. The username appears at the top right of the page.
As you can see, the process to find the Instagram URL from the mobile phone is not difficult at all. If you follow the steps that we leave above, you will surely have the information you want in a few minutes.
Steps to know the Instagram URL from the PC
If you are using a traditional browser to view your Instagram profile, this process seems very simple. The first thing is to open the official Instagram page.
Once inside the Instagram platform, enter your username and password and click the Enter button. When opening the profile, you need to look for the username that appears in the upper right corner of the screen.
Then a new screen will open. At the top of the page, right in the browser’s address bar is the profile URL. To copy it, you simply have to press the keyboard command plus the “C” key and then copy it to the computer.
In case you have a Mac, you must press the Ctrl + C key and then, as in the previous case, copy it to the computer. To paste it from a Mac you must press the Ctrl key plus V.
Keep in mind that your URL is made up of two components: the website address, which in this case is Instagram, and your Instagram username. This separated by bars.
Knowing the URL is really easy. In the case of private accounts, the URL will not be visible to people who want to visit it. Another case in which the URL is not visible is an Instagram account that is deactivated.

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