How to draw a doodle with step by step

How to draw a doodle with step by step

How to draw a doodle with step by step
After a busy week, doing this post on drawing a doodle step by step has been almost like therapy. I love drawing doodles because when you pull, the result does not matter. There is no pressure. You have to let yourself go and enjoy the road. It helps me to avoid the routine and daily stress and to focus and concentrate.

Before telling you how to draw a doodle step by step, I would like to share the “no rules” of the art of doodling. If you have just arrived here, I invite you to stop by the entrance on the art of doodling. There I will tell you what a doodle is and what it is for.

In the doodle or cool drawing idea, the rules are set by each of us. All the drawings are acceptable. It is a straightforward drawing technique, and you only need a piece of paper, a fine-tipped marker, and the desire to have fun. When you draw, leave your mind blank and enjoy the journey. No matter the result, let yourself go. Everything you do is valid. If you know how to make straight and curved lines, you can draw. You can even remove with the children, who will be delighted to have drawn a picture with mom or dad. You will be helping them improve their concentration.

Another advantage of doodles is that you can take them wherever you want. You don’t have to look for the right time or place. It is super comfortable. You do not have to prepare materials or have a space in which to start creating. Any site is valid. On the train home from work, in the park, at home watching TV, if you carry a small notebook and a pen or marker. You can draw a picture, and you will be helping to keep an active mind and who knows that new ideas will come.
You will see that it is straightforward and fun.

To do a step-by-step doodle, you only need paper and a fine-tipped marker. Maybe a thicker tip marker to fill in the gaps.
The paper can be any, look that it is not very rough, because it will cost you more to move the marker. As smooth as possible. You can have a notebook for doodles. I have several different sizes, so depending on the time I have to draw, I use the large or the small one. Or if I want to make an elongated or landscape drawing. I usually buy them with a smooth cover, and so I customize them to my liking.
Regarding the fine tip marker, I use the Micron brand. First, I tried one of the stationeries, I don’t remember the brand, with a 0.8 tip. Because that’s how I also used it to fill, you will see that you will want to have different thicknesses when you have tried. You will even want to have some fatter to fill. The Sharpie markers I love, so intense, are great with black and can also give them many uses.
There are many ways to make a doodle, each of us has our own (you know that the rules are up to you). Here I want to give an idea of how you can make an easy drawing tutorial. You can try and see what you feel if you like it, suppose you are comfortable drawing, if you want to keep trying, or if you feel the opposite. This can also happen. Although I doubt it, it’s a lot of fun.
Do you dare? If you feel like it when you finish, you can take a photo and post it on Instagram with the hashtag #hfdoodling. I would love it if we could share and encourage each other to continue drawing ideas.
You are more creative than you think.
The first thing I recommend is that you fill your sheet with rectangles. Some are wider; others are narrower, elongated … it doesn’t have to be the same as my drawing; let your creativity come out. It’s about practicing different patterns in each of them. It doesn’t matter how they turn out. In the case of doodles, imperfections are beautiful, and mistakes make your drawing unique. Just enjoy what you do.
In each of them, make a pattern. It can be straight lines that intersect. A few circles. Points. The mix of the two. In the first rectangles, you may want to make the same patterns that I have made. The same thing happened to me, at first it seems that you will not be able to do it yourself. But as you gain confidence, you will begin to create your patterns.
As you can see, it is not a drawing that we first make in pencil and then review with the marker. It’s an impulsive drawing, it comes out without thinking, and that’s the right thing. It helped me to gain ease withdrawing, to gain the confidence to see that. I was capable of drawing, in my way and with my style, which is probably not the most beautiful, but mine. It helped me have ideas and bring out things that I wanted to create and didn’t know. It made me more creative, almost without realizing it.
When you finish all the patterns or as you complete some of them. You can fill in the gaps, as if you were coloring, with the same marker or the Sharpie marker. You can follow an order or make it something random as you want more.

I had something like that after filling it.
I would love to see your doodles. If you use the hashtag #hfdoodling on Instagram, we can cheer each other on. Furthermore, I created a group on Facebook to help and see the profits that can give the doodles we are doing. What do you think? Do you dare to draw a doodle? What have you felt? Did you like it? Do you want to keep trying? I await your comments; it would make me happy.
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