How to Build a Multi-Vendor E-commerce Website Like Alibaba?

How to Build a Multi-Vendor E-commerce Website Like Alibaba?

Alibaba is one of the most celebrated B2B online selling platforms today, which has grown massively ever since its existence. Founded in 1999 by Jack Ma, a Chinese eCommerce entrepreneur, it has more than 100 million customers every day.

Are you too longing to build a multi-vendor marketplace platform like Alibaba?

Before jumping onto the bandwagon, you have to know how it works and using what model it is built.

How Alibaba Marketplace Works?

Before starting an e-commerce website like Alibaba, you need to understand exactly what Alibaba is. Alibaba was established in April 1990. The organization has stretched out from e-commerce and retail to make a B2B online business web design to advance its B2B sales. It can also be represented as it looks like a combination of Amazon and Google in China.
At present, twenty years in the wake of being established, Alibaba provides C2C, B2C, and B2B services at an extraordinary scale, which is one reason why its IPO set such countless precedents, and it is today one of the ten most high-esteemed brands across the globe.
This B2B marketplace script purposely connects an N number of sellers and buyers worldwide and lets vendors supply and buyer purchase their favorite goods without going to a physical marketplace.

Key features of Alibaba

Alibaba offers a wide range of elements and administrations. You can acquire everything from the way the company is organized to the intricacies of the web design of B2B e-commerce.
Alibaba has its own safe, secure payments service called Alipay. It’s specially intended to secure purchasers and vendors by holding installments bonded until the merchandise has been gotten. It urges customers to put their trust in the site.
Alibaba offers innumerable different products and services on their gigantic website with satisfactory search engine performance. If it weren’t adequate, it would be difficult to find the product they were looking for. Making a fair pursuit device turns out to be more significant the greater your site develops and the more you broaden your item range.
If you need to put together an e-commerce business site like Alibaba, all you can manage is possible because Alibaba makes a big deal with its money on top of its advantageous B2B online business web composition, it brings in cash too from various charities, from shipping and text messaging to movie making, cloud computing, investment, and the sky’s the limit from there.

What is Alibaba’s Revenue Model?

Alibaba has a huge revenue model, and here are some insights into Alibaba’s business model:
Revenue via Ads:
Advertising can earn you in lumps. Almost 80% of eCommerce in China happens through mobile devices, and Alibaba quickly occupies a prime spot in people’s hearts.
Zero Listing Fee:
Yes, they do not charge fees from vendors for listing the products. However, they collect fees for extensive features for boosting sales.
No Warehouse:
Alibaba does not own an inventory. They act as an intermediate to connect buyers and sellers. All the transactions are happening through eCommerce software for the exchange of products and services.
Low transaction volume with High-profit margins
Alibaba’s earned income isn’t really a small part of Amazon. Be that as it may, compared with Amazon, it has high working and revenues. Besides,, Aliexpress, and are a few other e-retails of Alibaba that clock in incomes in the pretty much comparative business design.

How can BigZiel help you build a marketplace website like Alibaba?

BigZiel offers an eCommerce marketplace script similar to Alibaba, which works the same as the giant Alibaba. It is equipped with unlimited features that will create a flawless functioning multi-vendor eCommerce store.

What’s in it?

Consists of multiple features for managing members, sell offers, buy offers, trade shows, discussion forum, classifieds, business directories and more.
With best-inbuilt features for product management, order management, browse and list product success stories, newsletters, inquiries, buying and selling lead management, cart options, list product by category, feedback management, etc., it offers plenty of opportunities to take away.
You can also add different revenue models like google ads, premium posting, banner ads, affiliate ads, and more features to your store.

Why Choose Zielcommerce’s Multi-vendor platform to build your Marketplace like Alibaba:

Zielcommerce’s turnkey eCommerce solutions help you build a website like Alibaba with similar functionalities and services that bring success and yield good returns. Sell anything and everything with BigZiel’s Alibaba clone. All you get is 100% customization and technical support to handle your requirements and business goals.
There’s no doubt, starting an eCommerce website is one of the most profitable ideas of the current era. Wait no more! Get started today. Bootstrap your idea of building multi-vendor marketplace software like Alibaba

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