How To Become An Entrepreneur

How To Become An Entrepreneur

How To Become An Entrepreneur

Want to know how to become an entrepreneur? Start with memories, pen and paper … and a knowledgeable helping hand!
At first, it’s a two-step process to “set the stage” for it to happen.
Then it’s a ten-step process to make it happen in practice.
Merchants are the lifeblood of the American economy. Regardless of the size and scope, there are business people behind every business and private company in the country. Examples of traders are everywhere.
McDonald’s was founded by a businessman. Facebook was created by a businessman. Coca-Cola was launched by a businessman. Name a famous company, and there was a businessman behind it.
But for every business that becomes a hit, many others fail. Gallup polls show that 50 companies haven’t made it in five years. According to Fortune Magazine, nine out of ten will fail in an amazing start. This number may seem disappointing,
But that doesn’t mean you should never consider business for your career. With real passion, hard work, a great idea, and a learning curve, anyone can build their own business and be successful.
Becoming an entrepreneur usually involves getting a degree. Before you become an entrepreneur, you will want to know what an entrepreneur

is, what is not, and what it takes to become an entrepreneur.
You also need to understand which education will be helpful, including business degrees, because you can avoid the difficulties that you can easily avoid. Think you’ll become your own boss and blow up your own trail as a businessman? Then let’s explore the fascinating and unexpected world of entrepreneurship

Your First Two Steps

Think back. Just remember each of your small victories. We will use them to help you realize what you can do … when you set your mind to it.

Avoid thinking about how to become an entrepreneur for now.

  1. Here Is How I Proceeded Many Years Ago

Write down each successful event or project you can remember, no matter how small.
Just a one-liner for each will do. Avoid reminiscing or dwelling on them too long for now.
Repeat this exercise each day, for at least a week. Pick a quiet moment of the day to do it.
What you previously noted down will often serve to jog your memory. You will remember events that you had completely forgotten.
When you are relatively certain that you’ve exhausted the list of your past successes, it’s time to dig for gold!

  1. Start Digging For Gold

Here comes the fun part. I called it the “awakening” after I had done it.
Now, think back on each event. Relive them. Try to remember if, at the time (not today in hindsight), you were aware of anyone who thought that what you were attempting to do was “impossible” or incredibly hard for most people to accomplish.
When you find one, note down the who, what, where, when, why.
At the end of this easy two-step exercise, I guarantee that you will have discovered that you possess more of the entrepreneurial “spirit” than you ever would have believed possible before.
Trust me. It works. 🙂
So. There you are. Now that you know entrepreneur do after creating a business plan, would you like to become one in practice?



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