How does food make you happy?

How does food make you happy?

How does food make you happy?


have you ever had one of those days where you just wake up on the wrong side of the bed you’re cranky, grumpy, and just plain off the worst part when you’re having a lousy day can just seem like nothing it’s gonna turn your mood around maybe you try and nap meditation and exercise but still the mood just sticks around 


when it comes to lousy moods and possibly even bigger mental health problems there’s one thing you may not be considering now I’ll tell you more in a minute 


but first I want to ask you a question are there any health topics you’d like to know more about if so reply in the comments and let me know what you’re curious about 


the one incredibly effective thing you may not be trying all comes down to one really interesting scientific phenomenon the gut-brain axis just explain the Quick version to place it only your gut as well as your brain really communicate together through your nervous system it is really a fairly powerful two-way communication such as


when you’re stressed your brain lets your gut know which is why so many people report having a nervous stomach when there’s something stressful going on and when your stomach is upset for whatever reason it can actually impact your mood your energy level and even your ability to focus


 it’s no wonder some scientists call your gut your second brain it’s got such a profound effect on the way you feel body and mind which is why if you’re struggling with a lousy mood it will be time to look at your diet 


now I’m not just talking about grabbing some carb-heavy comfort fast food through a piece of dark chocolate is scientifically proven to lift your spirits I’m talking about rethinking comfort food and going for options that comfort your gut because when your gut is balanced your mood stays lifted 


after all, some of the most important hormones are produced in the gut like serotonin the feel-good hormone, and GABA which helps you manage stress and anxiety in fact Gaba is actually produced by your gut bugs 


clearly keeping your gut happy goes a long way to keeping your spirits lifted though if you’re struggling it’s also important to seek out help from a mental health care professional, so if you’ve noticed a shift in your mood it’s worth looking at your diet and any changes you may have made in your meals 


start by eating lots of leafy greens resistant starches and healthy fats, then go ahead and add in foods that support your gut-brain access well I’ve already mentioned one it’s actually a classic comfort food restaurants.


I’m talking chocolate of course but more specifically bittersweet chocolate at least 72 % cacao now if you want a full crash course on white chocolate is so amazing for you but when it comes to your mental health the reason behind eating chocolate is simple and yes it’s scientifically proven 


when you eat a bit of chocolate it tells your brain to release endorphins feel-good chemicals designed to help you manage stress and feel fantastic each day and chocolates not the only food on the plant paradox plan that’s shown to boost these endorphins walnuts, sesam,e seeds, ginger, and even strawberries 


when they’re in a season of course all have an indoor and promoting effective and if you want to boost serotonin try wild-caught salmon omega-3 eggs Parmesan cheese and almonds bonus all of those foods are loaded with healthy fats do to keep your body fueled up full and happy


Currently, there’s one other thing that you ought to be considering and that’s melatonin among other things it’s responsible for you getting a good night’s sleep which maybe you’ve noticed is essential


 for keeping your mood boosted and your anxiety levels low and there are certain foods that are just fantastic for supporting melatonin production and if it’s in the middle of the summer your best bet is fresh cherries 


just remember cherries are certainly a fruit and should only be eaten mid-summer in moderation so what melatonin boosting foods should you eat the rest of the year when cherries are Nancy’s or if you’re just avoiding fruit start with eating mushrooms at least once a day as many as you’d like and if you’re a fan of eggs they’re pretty rich in melatonin on top of all there are other wonderful properties 


also go ahead and season your food with whole-grain Dijon mustard seeds are an incredible source of melatonin, now don’t worry you don’t have to cram all those melatonin and rich foods into dinner time either eating them throughout


The day will have a fantastic impact at bedtime and one more thing as well as supporting your feel-good hormones it’s important to feed the probiotic bacteria that live in  your gut buddies as I like to call them that means making sure to eat foods that are high in resistant starches like green bananas, sweet potatoes and rice that’s some pressure cooked then cooled 


that way you can be certain your gut buddies are working for your gut and for your mental health too of course like I said if you’re seriously struggling with your mental health it’s essential that you seek out from someone you trust whether it’s a doctor a therapist or someone else 




when it comes to your health your mental wellness is just as important as your physical health after all they’re closely connected so if you’re struggling with your mental state it’s really worth evaluating your diet and giving that gut-brain access a little kickstart yes that means you should go ahead and have that piece of chocolate just make sure it’s bittersweet.

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