How Do Tyres Function?

How Do Tyres Function?

Driving under any circumstance, one should be careful that the passengers, other people on the road and even the cargo on board should be safe. The surface of the tyre in contact with the road is not very wide and thus there is a lot of responsibility just on the tyres that are carrying the load of the car. The treads of tyres are designed with scientific procedures to offer a good grip on the surface of the road under all circumstances.


The pattern of the groove goes perpendicular to the travel direction. This pattern is applied to tyres where the high traction levels are desired together with great power.


The pattern provides less resistance while rolling, thus reducing the cost of the fuel. Less amount of heat is generated than other designs of the tread to make it suitable for cars being driven at high speed and to ensure sustainability.


The pattern has blocks individually cut into a treads cross-section. These are also linked by multiple lines moving all over the tyre’s circumference. This ensures a decent grip on icy or wet roads, however, since the block size of the treads is small, the pattern of tread tends to wear out faster.

Rib-lug shaped

This pattern combines the goodness of both the types of treads mentioned above. It happens to be a good combination between grip required on the dirt road and paved road.

Directional: This pattern has grooves placed laterally on either side from the centre of the area of the tread. It offers great performance of braking and the design of the tread disperses water from beneath it, allowing it to perform well on wet roads.

Asymmetric tread

The patterns of the tread are different on each side ensuring improved stability during cornering and allowing the increased surface to remain in touch with the road at a given point in time.

Car tyres Buckingham are made up of rubber along with a few other compounds like:

  • A liner in the inner part
  • An apex to reduce any kind of distortion of the rubber beads
  • Sidewalls to ensure the rigidity of the tyres and improving the ride performance
  • Fixing the wheel rim to the tyre with the help of beading with the help of a rubber core and the length of wire.
  • The tread of the tyre is the part that comes nearby of the road to provide stability and grip at the time of cornering. It protects the car from potential damage and helps withstand the increased temperature readings.
  • A groove is placed in the tread which helps in enhancing the power to brake and accelerate the car.
  • A steel wire belt or a piece of fabric in the wall that is facing downwards in the tyre. This enables the widest area of tread that is in proximity to the road at a given point in time.
  • The section named shoulder ranges from the tread’s edge to the upper part of the sidewall. It plays a significant role in the dissipation of heat produced by contact between the road and the tyre.
  • A mesh of cord inside called the carcass is made to handle the tyre’s weight and spread its impact all through the tyre. It can withstand very high usage.
  • The inside part of the tyre named the chafer gives protection to the wire cord or steel.

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