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Homemade Lemon Pickle

Homemade Lemon Pickle

Mere listening to the word, lemon pickle is mouth-watering. So no more just imagining having the sweet and sour lemon pickle widely known as nimbu ka achar brought to you by ModernAgro in two different pet jar sizes.

A common condiment in the cuisines of the Indian subcontinent and North Africa has a long history dating back as early as 2400 BC. Historically, the lemon pickles had been the most affordable and practical method for longer use.

The organically preserved ModernAgro lemon pickle is sun-ripened and absolutely delicious to be accompanied with your breakfast, lunch and dinner meals.

Benefits of Lemon Pickle

An essential condiment in every Indian household, the nimbu achar can serve as a home remedy for stomach disorders. Going by the lemon’s nutritional value, one can’t agree more on the nourishing benefits.

  • The ModernAgro’s lime pickle contains zero cholesterol that has a curing effect to control high blood pressure and pulse-rate.
  • Rich in minerals, the lemon pickle can also help dissolve kidney stones.
  • Well known that these pickles not only build immunity but also cure indigestion.
  • Researches have also shown that pickles if taken in a considerable amount reduce sugar levels, further preventing ulcers and muscle cramps.
  • The lemony-lime are full of antioxidants that scavenge free radicals from body cells and prevent the damage caused by oxidation.
  • The lemon pickle also improves liver health.
  • Pickles aid in supplying probiotic microbes for a healthy gut.
  • Above all, the lemon pickle helps in retaining taste buds after sickness.


How to use ModernAgro Lemon Pickle?

The nimbu ka achar can be consumed with dishes, as well as snacks. You can also use the lemon pickle as an ingredient in preparation of other relishes.

How to buy ModernAgro Lemon Pickle?

The khatta-meetha nimbu ka achar is available in two quantities, 400gm and 800 gm in pet jars. You can purchase the lime pickle by ordering online through KudratKart website. All you need is to visit the website and click on the link to buy ModernAgro lemon pickle.


Recipe of Lemon Pickle

The sweet lemon pickle has a special recipe. This lemon pickle is organically prepared, sun-ripened, with zero use of oil, vinegar or any other chemical preservatives. ModernAgro lime pickle has a secret yet an age-old recipe transferred from one generation to the other. Extreme care is taken in the whole manufacturing process of the pickle, beginning from procurement of raw ingredients to preparation and packaging.


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