Golf and Health: 10 reasons why you should practice this sport

Golf and Health: 10 reasons why you should practice this sport

Golf and Health: 10 reasons why you should practice this sport

When we think of golf we imagine an activity typical of the upper classes, a hobby carried out by lonely people, but unlike what some may think, golf is a very complete and healthy precision sport. Although it does not enjoy the popularity of other mass sports, golf has nothing to envy of any in terms of the benefits it brings to both your body and mind.

This sport stands out because it is suitable for all ages and is a good ally for health.  It’s a great way to lower stress, stay fit, and learn to better manage levels of frustration.

There are many positive results of practicing this sport, but we will only  highlight the main 10 that you can obtain :

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1. Strengthen your muscles

Although it does not seem like it, golf helps a lot to strengthen the muscles. Mainly the heart. How? Its moderate but regular practice helps control body weight and synthesize vitamin D, thanks to sunlight exposure.

All these thanks to its anaerobic nature (health and golf are linked because it is a sport that does not cause fatigue) when practiced outdoors. And since the average number of calories burned per game is close to 1,000, each step a player takes on the green tones his body muscles and prevents osteoporosis.

2. Say goodbye to stress!

Golf is the health and, if you don’t believe it, try practicing it and you will see your stress drop! If there is something golf represents, it is tranquility. It is one of the most relaxed sports practices that exist, affecting the player’s stress levels.

Whether it’s for competition or just for fun, playing golf will help you release those endorphins that are inactivated within you. The feeling of well-being and happiness associated with golf is undeniable. Experience it!

3. Safe for your joints

Being a gentle practice sport, it does not have a significant impact on the joints. In this way, they show less wear and tear than in other training sessions. This characteristic makes golf an ideal sport for any age and physical condition.

4. Cultivate your social relationships

Golf is ideal for socializing not only before or after your practice but also during the game. Cultivate your relationships! More fans of this sport are encouraged to book at least one getaway a year to enjoy golf.

And the truth is that they do not lack in reasons. From catching up to getting to know each other a little better, those who play golf have extraordinary socializing opportunities in very relaxed and flattering conditions. Including the smallest of the house!

5. Good for anyone

Another advantage of playing golf is that, unlike other sports, it can be practiced by a large majority. It doesn’t require great physical form but only aim and concentration.

Golf is a highly recommended practice in older people since it forces them to have an active life. Why? Because even if the sport itself does not involve too much physical effort, the golf courses stretch an average of 6 kilometers. Therefore, you will walk safely!

6. Golf is healthy for your mind and body

It is an exercise that’s very optimal both to improve your body and your mind. It is a sport that takes place outdoors and, therefore, it will help you to synthesize better vitamin D (perfect for bones and blood circulation). With each stroke, muscles in the legs and arms are worked, making them stronger and more toned.

For the mind, golf is also a good exercise, since it helps us to enhance improve concentration and, as we’ve already said, to reduce stress or anxiety from the day. Thanks to the release of endorphins, the feeling of well-being will be more excellent after each sport session.

7. Low risk of injury

Another advantage of playing golf is that it is a practice that has a low risk of injury. This is good for people with a long history of back injuries or those with older people I know they don’t want to endanger their health.

Golf is a sport with a minimal injury rate, so it is a good idea if you want to enjoy some time outdoors, with your friends or family and enjoying an active life…

8. Works the mind and concentration

Taking care of your posture, making sure you have a good grip and making a technically flawless swing are common golf steps. And all of them and the calculation of distances and forces to put the ball in the hole forcing the player to work the mind.

Concentration is strengthened, and subsequent evasion is guaranteed. Not surprisingly, golf is a highly recommended sport for adults with early Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, as it helps balance your mind with the goal of the game and all the movements required to achieve it.

9. Commune with nature

Extensive fields, a lot of greenery, the pleasant aroma of vegetation, and incomparable views. These are the added advantages of playing golf, especially in privileged places. Communion with nature is a reality, with the fusion of mountains and sea being an excellent incentive for this sport.

10. Take care of your cardiovascular health

Golf can become a great ally against cholesterol and keep blood pressure at bay. In addition to what we have already told you, the player travels between 7 and 10 kilometers on foot during his practice. This gentle aerobic exercise is very convenient for those who, for some reason, cannot do other types of workouts.

Finally, you have to destroy a myth: golf is not expensive. Playing a whole morning has all the benefits that we have told you about in this list. It involves practicing a sport and spending some pleasant hours in a natural environment that must be maintained and socialized. There are golf courses of different prices, and indeed there is one that fits your pocket.



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