For benefit, you can purchase and sell gold jewelry.

For benefit, you can purchase and sell gold jewelry.

Sometimes the price of gold is in the news, often it is rising, and other times it is dropping. Many of us wonder whether we can sell the gold that we own for a profit because its price is rising. Some of us consider investing in gold when the price drops to make a profit down the road when its value recovers.

The reality is that you can make a living buying and selling gold, but I don’t mean buying or selling on the stock market from jewelry stores. I apply to the procurement of gold from the public for resale. I’m going to take you through the process of making money from gold and other precious metals in this post.

Although you may think you’re going to need a lot of capital up front to start this venture, you don’t. With just a few simple instruments, which I’ll discuss in more detail below, a gold business can be started. Any of these you might be able to buy used, like a jewelry scale. Additionally, If you let friends and family know what you’re doing, they might send you some jewelry to help you start your business off. You will make your money if you reinvest any income you make back into your new company. That way, if anyone gives you a piece you know is a steal, you’re going to have the money to buy it. Let’s dive into the specifics now.

Making money by scrap gold for sale is simpler than you think. Gold prices are approaching record proportions, which means that more and more individuals are looking to sell their gold. Many of these individuals are willing to sell gold for less than the gold’s actual melt value, particularly broken or damaged scrap objects. This provides you with an opportunity to make some serious cash while offering a service to make it easy for individuals to liquidate their unwanted gold. Keep reading how to make money buying scrap gold if this sounds like something you would enjoy doing.

Ask friends and family regarding any unwanted pieces of gold from which they might wish to part. You probably know a variety of people have broken necklaces, missing earrings, ruined rings, or other gold scrap objects. Check how many carats (k) these things are, weigh them on your digital scale, and give a price that will satisfy the individual while still leaving space for profit for you.

Put classified advertisements in your local publication. Many people who will see your ad will have gold to sell you. Another good trick is to put an ad in the section for help claiming that by selling gold to you, they will gain money, so people browsing that section are more likely to need money immediately. Also, bear in mind that the classified ad’s price will eat into your profits, so you’ll need to change your deals accordingly.

Put an ad on Craigs’ List ( This is very much like getting a newspaper classified advertisement, except that CraigsList is completely free of charge. Since posting the ad doesn’t cost you anything, you have nothing to do with noticing that you are buying unwanted gold products.

Keep a close eye on auction sites online. Many individuals on auction platforms will sell gold products, and the highest bid will always be lower than the gold melt value. For you, this translates into easy cash while also satisfying the seller’s need to make money on the item. Just be sure to consider the expense of shipping, as this will cut your profits quickly.

Shape relationships with local pawnshops. If someone is trying to carry in broken or damaged gold items that they would not purchase, tell them to pass on your phone number. These products are often bought for scrap by pawnshops, sometimes not. You can even get a sale out of it yourself if you find a pawnshop that turns those customers away.

Locate a refinery where scrap gold will be purchased. Without the need to visit the office, several refineries will buy gold by mail. Stick with them if you have a local refinery in your town, but if not, consider using one of the mail order refineries mentioned in the section “Resources” below.

Request a kit of gold from the refinery. It will provide you with a prepaid, insured, secure envelope for your gold items to be shipped. Please fill out the short form with your name and address once the kit arrives, put it along with your gold in the envelope, and drop the package off at your nearest post office.

Wait 7-10 business days to arrive in the mail with your check. Many refiners provide a direct bank transfer for faster service, but this can cost extra. Waiting for the check to arrive in the mail is appropriate for most individuals. Compared to what you were hoping to get for the gold, inspect the sum of the check. You can return it and get your gold back if the search is unsatisfactory, or you can try another refiner.

Terms to Familiarize With

A couple of important words will come up repeatedly in your role as a buyer and seller of gold. Before going forward, it is important to familiarise yourself with their meanings.

What’s the hallmark here?

A hallmark in jewelry is a small stamp or impression used to certify that a piece consists of a noble metal, such as gold, silver, or platinum, of a certain quality.

What does a carat (karat) mean?

A carat (karat in the USA) is a fractional indicator of a gold alloy’s purity out of 24. 18 out of 24 parts of pure gold, or 18 parts of gold and six parts of another metal, is an 18-carat gold ring. It is around 75 percent pure gold, in other words.

Supplies You Need To Start

There are few things you need to be prepared with before getting started in the gold market. It’s OK to buy any of the used ones as long as they are of good quality.

Kit for Gold Testing

A gold testing kit is the first thing you’ll need to purchase. These are fairly priced for your new company and are required. The majority of jewelry items that you’re going to be sold won’t have a hallmark, and you can’t just guess the metal’s consistency. The acids in the package are going to tell you which gold carat you’re dealing with. To measure silver and platinum, two other acids are also used. You can then give your clients accurate valuations of their jewelry with this information. Your package should contain various acids to search for 10, 14, 18, and 22-carat gold.

Skilled Size for Jewelry

A professional scale for jewelry is also a requirement for your new company. Although it may be very expensive, it will give you years of reliable service. Don’t use a kitchen scale because they’re not legal for trade, even if only for a short time. There’s a company you run, so you need to make it professional. To ensure its accuracy, it’s a good idea to take readings from your scale at least once per day. To prevent any legal disputes that could arise from clients or regulatory authorities’ complaints, keep up-to-date records.

Magnet, File, and Loupe

And any time someone gives you a piece of jewelry, you can use a magnet, so it’s up to you to purchase a quality one. The same goes for your metal disc, which will be used to clean off those parts’ outer coating. Neither of these things is costly, and for years, both will last. You can find them conveniently at a hardware store or buy them online. To view the smaller details of the jewelry you examine, you may also want a magnifier loupe.

How To Become a Buyer of Gold

Many individuals around the house have gold items—bits of scrap gold, the jewelry they don’t wear anymore, unwanted objects. As a gold purchaser, you can build a small business, collect the discarded gold from customers, sell it to scrap metal businesses, or melt it down to make new parts. It takes research, marketing, and hands-on experience to become a gold buyer.

  1. Scale purchase. To measure gold per ounce, you will need a scale. For keeping the gold, the scale should have a wide, flat surface.
  2. Purchase a pack for gold testing. To test the consistency of gold, gold-testing kits use magnetic strips or acid. Having a skilled kit will assist you in weeding out any fake bits of gold.
  3. Study the current price of gold. With demand fluctuations, the price of gold fluctuates. Study the price of gold periodically to make the most profit and give your clients the best price.
  4. To decide when and how you will purchase gold, build a business plan. For example, if you own a retail store, you could buy gold from customers within the store. You might also host gold-buying parties, wherewith their unwanted gold, you invite relatives, family members, or acquaintances to your house. You weigh and test the gold and give your guests a cash payment.
  5. To draw in customers, market your gold-buying business. Build a website that highlights your gold-buying business, places a sign inside your retail store or says your plans to friends and family.
  6. Collecting gold from clients. Test the gold using your gold-testing package. Weigh the gold and give a price to the customers. Pay to collect the gold for the client.



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