Food processor: The buyer’s guide

Food processor: The buyer’s guide

Have you ever heard of food processors? Do you know what it is? If we talk about the early 80s, there were very few people who knew about these processors. After 1990, these food processors have entered the Indian market. Now it is present in every kitchen in India. Eventually, it makes your food faster and efficient. It is a multitasking device. You can slice, dice, trim, blitz your stuff in just a moment. If you want to make your food fast, then you should buy the best food processor in India.

Reasons to buy a food processor

Each food processor has its distinct characteristics. Some of them are used to cut vegetables and some can be mixed with other things like soups, sauces, pastes, and ice cream. It comes with several accessories and functions. Essential accessories include discs for grating, blade arrays for chopping. Blade arrays are also used to mix materials in a mixing pot. It depends on what you want to cook. If you want to cook your food fast, then you can go ahead with the food processor.

What can I make with a food processor?

It can be used for multiple kitchen tasks such as chopping onions, potatoes, and other vegetables, shredding herbs, grinding spices, and blending sauces. It also becomes useful in making such unique recipes as cauliflower rice, cake batter, tomato ketchup, biscuit dough. Indian cuisine is popular all over the world. Indian people use many ingredients in their food. This food processor is extremely effective for Indian cooking. Now, this food processor present in every market.

Types of the food processor

Usually, there are four types of food processors.

  1. Hand operated
  2. Mini food processor
  3. Full-sized
  4. Buffalo choppers

Hand-operated food processor

This processor is used for chopping vegetables. It requires some manual effort to use or clean it and it is very small in size. If the quantity of food is less, then it is perfect for chopping purposes.

Mini food processor

It can be suited for small size or neutral families because this processor performs multiple tasks like grinding, mixing, chopping, shredding, and much more but in very few quantities. This processor is best for small-size or we can say, nuclear families. 

Full-sized food processor

It comes with a large capacity of around 10-20 cups and performs many functions. It is a very long-lasting processor with powerful motors and suitable to handle all kinds of functions and extremely beneficial for large families. 

Buffalo choppers

If you want to cook heavy food like meat, mutton, then this buffalo chopper is extremely beneficial to you. Because, it contains many additional parts like mixer grinders, slicers, which make it more versatile and efficient in all kinds of rough kitchen processing work. Within a moment your recipe can be completed.

Some popular brands of food processor in India

Generally, some brands are widely used in the Indian market. As it is effective, cheaper, and simple to use, people give them a priority. Now, its use is increasing very rapidly in India, whether in rural areas or urban areas. Inalsa, Bajaj, Morphy Richards, Philips, Usha, Preethi Zion, Kenstar, Bosch, Singer, KitchenAid, are some popular food processor brands in India. Normally, you can see these brands in every electronics shop.

What to check before buying a food processor?

Before purchasing any food processor, you need to check the strength of the blade, mixing bowls and jugs, its design and safety instructions, function and beauty, sound and processing speed, and more. These things are very important in every food processor. It is not only applicable to a food processor but also applicable to other devices. 

In the end

As we all know that the use of food processors is increasing rapidly all over the world. In the Indian market, it is now available at every electronic shop. This makes your cooking method easy and effective. This saves your time and energy. It is useful to make many Indian dishes. If you want to make your food fast and effective, then you need to buy this food processor. Enjoy your cooking. 

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