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Fitness In Daily Life

Fitness In Daily Life

Fitness is the activeness of the human body. It can not be purchased or buys from anywhere. We have to maintain it by doing a different type of exercise and weight training. Fitness is the craziest thing nowadays, people go to the gym, play sports, exercise, yoga, etc to maintain their body and to get fit. Fitness can not only maintain by exercise we also have to take proper nutrition to maintain fitness. Nutrition is the most important thing in the human body no goal can be achieved without the proper nutrition

weight training is the best and unique exercise for fitness. It can be acquired by weight training people do weight exercise which helps us to maintain the fitness
Weight training is also of two types

  1. Weight training – Weight training is the exercises performs by the person by lifting weights in the gym this training is generally done in gyms with the help of dumbells, bench press, etc. weight training can also cause injuries sometimes. it is a high risked exercise and sometimes we need a partner to perform these exercises.
  2. Bodyweight training – Bodyweight exercises are the normal exercises performed by persons without any type of equipment. These exercises are push up, pull-ups, jumping jacks, running, etc. it is a low risked exercise. And don’t need any partner to perform it but it makes more fatigue in low time if we are doing hit cardio exercises.

Sports for fitness
Sports also help to build up fitness. it also reduces the weight of the body. Running, rope skipping, high jump, long-run, etc are the best sports activity to reduce body weight and to achieve a fitness goal. Some sports can be performed alone but some supports needs players to play with another. Sports also have a low risk of injuries but it causes high named injuries in some sports like rugby, football, cricket, etc
Different types of sports are
• Basketball
• Football
• Running
• Cycling
• Cricket
• Swimming
And many more sports helps to achieve the goal.
Yoga for fitness

Yoga also plays a great role in fitness. It helps to makes flexibility, relaxation, meditation, and stretching to the body. Yoga is an exercise that can be performed everywhere in parks, homes, or gyms it is a low-risk exercise and can easily is a low risked exercise and no chance of getting injuries in it

Fitness goals are of different type
• Endurance
• Fatloss
• Flexibility
• Improve your athletic skills
• Powerlifting
• Muscle toning
• Muscle gaining
How to calculate BMI (body mass index of the body )
• Go to google search engine
• Search BMI calculator in URL
• Bmi calculator will appear
• Enter your details of height and weight
• Click on compute BMI

• Your result will appear in your BMI box
• You can check and compare your category by matching your results
After calculating the BMI you can have a set up to how to plan your goal to be fit and healthy. And what types of nutrition value you need more.
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