Finding General Surgeons near Me for Your Laparoscopic Needs

Finding General Surgeons near Me for Your Laparoscopic Needs

Healthcare has been developing at a stunning rate and in the past decade, the field of medicine and surgery has acquired numerous accomplishments to their field. For the field of surgery, the greatest achievement is easily the development of laparoscopic surgeries. These surgeries have drastically improved the postoperative recovery rate and tremendously decreased the morbidity and mortality that were previously associated with open or more invasive surgeries.

You can now remove entire organs, cauterize the bleeders and suture up the cuts without opening any cavity. This has saved numerous lives because of minimal invasion and negligible postoperative complications. To select from the appropriate general surgeons near me, you should keep in mind to choose someone who is also an expert in laparoscopic surgeries.

Why You Should Select Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopic surgeries are basically the minimally invasive versions of the regular surgeries. Since the advent of laparoscopic procedures, the acute morbidity and mortality that was associated with open procedures have gone down, patients recover better and sooner, and have reported lesser long term complications as well. Some of the benefits of laparoscopic surgeries over open procedures are as follows

1.     Lesser Blood Loss

In laparoscopic surgeries, the amount of blood loss is much less as compared to open surgeries. This is because the blood lost while cutting through the abdominal wall is avoided and laparoscopic surgeons operate on minimally invasive procedures that prevent any excessive cutting and suturing.

When surgery is carried out laparoscopically, three to four small cuts are made through which instruments are inserted. The surgeon then carries out the procedure with the help of these instruments while also visualizing the surgical field with the help of a camera. All of this greatly reduces the chances of excessive bleeding from unnecessary incisions and suturing.

2.     Less Scarring

Because laparoscopic surgery avoids big cuts and opening or tearing of the skin or muscles of the abdominal wall, the scarring is also very minimal. This not only helps in a quicker healing process but also prevents herniation in the future at the wound site. Laparotomy wounds quite commonly end up causing herniation because such a massive cut weakens the abdominal wall and allows herniation of abdominal contents to happen over time.

3.     Decreased Postoperative Infections

Postoperative infections are one of the greatest contributors towards surgical morbidity. Large wounds are harder to take care of especially because the patient is in a lot of pain as well. These wounds often end up becoming infected, prolonging the hospital stay and adding to the time needed for recovery and recuperation. Laparoscopic surgeries are associated with much less postoperative infections and hence have more prompt recovery.

4.     Quicker Recovery

Laparoscopic surgeries make small cuts, usually three to four in number, from which instruments are inserted including a camera with the help of which the surgeon visualizes the surgical field. These instruments do not require big incisions to be made and can be inserted through relatively small openings. This is the reason why laparoscopic surgeries have a quicker recovery period than open procedures. Not to mention, decreased infection and immobility associated with laparoscopic procedures also play a major role in decreasing the period required for recovery.

5.     Less Invasive

Any procedure that is invasive has its drawbacks. When you open up an abdominal cavity, you are essentially exposing it to an environment that is full of pathogens, no matter how sterile the operating room may be. Not only that, in open surgeries, it has been observed that while clearing the surgical site, many viscera get injured and damaged. In addition to that, leaving gauze inside the cavity for soaking up excess blood in the surgical field, perforating bowels, damaging the ureters and urinary bladder are common accidents associated with laparotomy. All of these mishaps can either be entirely avoided or their risk can be greatly reduced by opting for laparoscopic surgeries.

The Takeaway

Laparoscopic surgeries have revolutionized the field of surgery. It requires lesser effort on the doctor’s part and is immensely beneficial for the patients as well. Quicker recovery, less postoperative morbidity and shorter hospital stay are all reasons to opt for laparoscopic surgeries by general surgeons near me.



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