Driver’s stance: 4 tips for driving buses and trucks

Driver’s stance: 4 tips for driving buses and trucks

Driver’s stance

Driver’s stance, The bus or truck driver needs to be aware of his safety, his passengers, and even the cargo he carries during the entire time behind the wheel. As the hours are not short, this tension level ends upbringing stress and discomfort that affect your productivity.

This post will show you how to improve the driver’s posture during work is a simple and effective tool to enhance your comfort, safety, and health. Check out!

Be careful with your back.

One of the regions that most cause problems for drivers is the lower back. The back part suffers from long periods of sitting down to drive a truck or bus.

To minimize the problem, it is vital that the driver’s posture is upright and fully supported on the seatback. In this way, the entire column is supported, preventing it from being overloaded. Thus, it is possible to avoid daily discomfort or even more severe problems such as low back pain – chronic pain in the lower back.

Protect your head

Adjusting the headrest height in the seat is an essential tool for the driver’s posture. When properly adjusted, it prevents the neck from being wrongly tilted backward and still offers support so that the driver is not bent towards the vehicle.

Keeping the neck in line with the rest of the spine, therefore, the weight on the neck is reduced, reducing the risk of discomfort or even the appearance of torticollis.

It is also worth remembering that the well-adjusted backrest is vital to avoid the whip effect in the event of accidents – in the event of a shock, the driver’s head can be thrown back violently, even at low speeds, if the backrest is not is regulated to lessen the impact.

Don’t forget your hands and arms.

The way the driver holds the steering wheel makes all the difference in your comfort. Ideally, he should keep both hands on whatever equipment without flexing his arms too much or keeping them again extended. The shoulders should also be at the height of the highest point on the steering wheel.

Supporting one hand on the gearbox for a long time is not a very recommended action: this causes a misalignment in the driver’s posture and can cause pain in the arms, hands, shoulders, and back.

Take care of feet and legs.

When it comes to the driver’s posture, we also have to talk about the correct positioning of feet and legs. First, you need to make sure that the bench’s height does not make your knees too bent or stretched.

Then it would help if you rest your heels on the floor of the vehicle whenever possible. This way, the driver does not need to overload himself with all his legs’ weight during the whole period he is facing traffic, avoiding pain and cramps.

Also, remember to only keep your feet on the pedal when necessary, in addition to using firm, non-slip shoes, ensuring that the pedal operation is quick and safe.

Do you have any other tips to improve the driver’s posture? Please join a truck driving school near your area.

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