Benefits of Running

Benefits of Running

Running is one of the most popular methods of keeping fit. It is a natural human activity we all have likely engaged in at some point in our lives because it is one of the developmental milestones of childhood. A child begins to crawl and then walk and then run hence it is safe to say that running is an activity that is engaged in by young and old alike.

Running may even manifest in the course of our day-to-day activities, whether in keeping up with the school bus or chasing after the kids playing in the garden, or maybe just participating in a social event that involves running such as a charity event. 

Beyond the physical exertion of the muscles that come with running, there are many benefits that can accrue to the human body when running is regularly engaged. Many ask what is the best time during the day for a run. Some of the physical benefits of running in the morning vs the evening are summarized by Menznow but it’s really a matter of choosing what’s best for you. Some people prefer the morning jog to wake up while others prefer running in the evening to release stress after a long day at work.  

Let’s look at the main benefits of running; 

Prevents disease 

Perhaps the most important incentive for running is its ability to prevent diseases from the body. Diseases sometimes arise due to weakness of the body’s core defense mechanisms or they may arise out of an imbalance in the body’s system. Exercise itself is recommended because it can shore up the body’s defense mechanisms to guard against diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes, stroke, cancer, diabetes, etc.

A culture of regular exercising, especially running helps to keep the body fit and healthy. It is imperative to say that running in itself may not completely cure these health challenges, however, it does strengthen the body’s existing defense mechanisms and this can help the body fight against the onset of diseases or boost the chances of recovery in case symptoms of these diseases are already showing.

Running is said to also be effective in the treatment of mental health issues such as depression. It charges up the organs of the body and keeps them functioning appropriately. 

Boost memory 

Running stimulates holistic changes within the body’s system. These changes include the different organs of the body such as muscles and ligaments. The implication is that the mind and body are refreshed and the brain is rejuvenated.

This could explain why the onset of sleep is easier after the physical activity has been engaged in. Since running can enhance sleep, the relaxation that comes from sleep will help refresh the brain and other parts of the body and put them in a position to perform optimally when the individual wakes up.

The effect of running on the brain is that it boosts memory and thinking skills. The reason for this is because running stimulates physiological changes in the body which brings about an increase in the production of new blood vessels in the brain and thereafter aids the survival of these cells. Therefore it is apt to recognize running as one of the ways of boosting the cognitive and intellectual faculties of the individual.  

Weight Loss and Control

Running is a good and effective way to burn calories and shed fat from the body. Regular exercise is one of the ways to curb the onset of obesity. Although obesity could be genetically linked, however, a lifestyle of exercise can help put the body’s weight and size under check.

When the body is obese, the body may become exposed to sicknesses which may go on to shorten the lifespan of the individual. Running can help burn off unwanted fats from the body thereby keeping the size of the body under control. 

The good thing about running is that it does not require any equipment. If you want to lead a healthy life, eating right is important and exercise is equally important. There are different fitness and exercise styles available which you can engage in according to your preference. However, if you are exercising specifically to overcome a particular health challenge then you should seek the advice of your doctor as this would help you know the best exercise style that fits that condition the most.

Sedentary living is completely unhealthy and if protracted can lead to the onset of disease, therefore it is imperative to deliberately develop a culture of exercising especially running. An early morning jog across the neighborhood just before you take a shower can do your body a lot of good. It is important to keep fit and healthy especially at the time the world is still battling the coronavirus pandemic. A healthy body can make a world of difference to your health both now and in the future.



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