An ultimate guide about travelling from Dubai to Abu Dhabi

An ultimate guide about travelling from Dubai to Abu Dhabi

Tips for travelling Dubai to Abu Dhabi with family


Going on a long road trip like Dubai to Abu Dhabi which is around 2 hours faar from Dubai main city can be fun and exhausting at the same time. Unforgettably fun if you are prepared but totally exhausting if you have your family with kids and your van on the road and no one in your family able to driver.


Below are five simple steps on how to enjoy and survive a long road trip.


When Travelling Alone:


• Prepare. Well, this first rule applies to almost anything we want to do. While there is nothing wrong with being spontaneous – in fact, it is exciting – planning and preparing always come in handy if ever something unexpected will come up while on the road.


In addition to preparing yourself being the driver, of course prepare the vehicle:




Checking the Tires Before Hitting the Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai & Abu Dhabi


√ First, check the tires. Do you know that tires are the most common component of a vehicle prone to failure?


√ Next, carefully inspect the brakes. Determine how much life is left in the brake pads. Also, determine the need to add brake fluid.


√ Other things to check are the belts, suspension system, cooling system, exhaust system, power steering and transmission service. It is better to have these components checked by a seasoned auto technician to be safe.


• Make a comprehensive plan. First, ask yourself where you want to go in Abu Dhabi either your destination is city areas or want to go Abu Dhabi boarder area. Next, discover the actual distance between where you currently at and your desired destination. Then, set a limit as to how many hours you will drive in a day. If reaching your destination would take you half or full day of driving, then you can drive at least 3 hours continously and then stop at some petrol station and let your family and kids refreshed. Do not force yourself if you think you are already too exhausted to drive.




• Pack the essentials. Some of the things you need to bring if you want to survive a long road trip are: clothes,  some food (depending on your destination and the choice of your family & kids), spare keys, first aid kit, paper towels, toilet paper, wet wipes, car chargers, water, kids pampers and new batteries. And oh, do you already have some bills and change in your wallet? How about your driver’s license and the van insurance policy?


• Prefer wearing hard-soled shoes. Wearing hard-soled shoes is synonymous to adding protection to your feet in case of accidents or walking in Abu Dhabi desert areas. Furthermore, in case your Van breaks down in the middle of nowhere and you have to walk to the nearest shop, then hard-soled shoes will help you walk conveniently.




• Pause. If you want to survive a long road trip, then take time to pause. This kind of pause does not mean to stop doing anything for 3-5 seconds. Rather, it means to take a break and have some sleep for a couple of hours. Because driving for long hours is not comfortable, make it a point to rest and do some arm/leg stretching.



• Get Private transfer company contact. UAE weather is very hot and the hot climate can effect your kids health, so if you are traveling with family and kids and going for a day Abu Dhabi tour so you must be carful and pre ready to arrange emergency ride facilities incase breakdown happens in midway of Sheikh Zayed Road. There are lots of Dubai to Abu Dhabi taxi companies offering Dubai to Abu Dhabi transfer by family van and buses on daily basis which can be access easily by just typing in Google private transport operator in UAE, and if you have any prevouse transport company contact number then that’s good if not then just Google nearest private transport companies and book your private ride and call the vehicles repair company to get your car to their garage for repairing.




Lastly, remember that sleep-related road accidents are common in Sheikh Zayed Road. Lots of police-reported crashes each year are a result of driver fatigue. This only implies one thing: get enough



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