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All You Need to Know About Bringing Your Pet to Cancun.

All You Need to Know About Bringing Your Pet to Cancun.

Cancun is one of the most popular destinations in Mexico, and well visited by tourists from all over the world. Cancun has everything to do with tourism: it has natural beaches, great hotels, bars, restaurants, and many more activities people usually do while on vacation.

If you want to know the city with your furry friend, take a look at these 4 tips. 

#1 Do research on your airline’s website.  

Searching the requirements you´ll need to get on the plane is the main thing before you even buy your flight ticket. This way, you´ll have everything organized and ready to go with no surprises or unnecessary worries. 

Every airline is different and has unique specifications, but the most general is to make sure, your dog has all of its vaccines and is free of rabies. 

If you are looking to travel with your pet in the cabin, make sure to not confuse the requirements with the cargo ones. They are completely different. 

#2  Get a health certificate for your pet just in case. 

Even tho Mexico doesn’t ask for a health certificate to enter the country, is always good to prevent bad experiences. 

Make a visit to your pet´s veterinarian so they can make a basic certificate that indicates that your pet is healthy. This means, free of rabies, all of its vaccines, and free of parasites. 

Keep in mind, that the fact that you don´t need a health certificate to enter Mexico, could change any day. So make sure to check the stipulations of the agriculture department of your country. 

#3 Check the carrier specifications and get a comfortable one for your pet. 

This is important because some airlines take your pet´s carrier as one of your luggage. So if you don´t want to leave anything behind, make sure to check the rules. 

Get a nice carrier so it is comfortable for both your dog and you. It´s a long journey sometimes and you want it to be as come as it can. 

Rember you´ll have to keep it inside the carrier all the way to Cancun´s airport, so make sure to train your dog weeks in advance so it can get used to being there. 

#4 Take a comfortable transportation service to your hotel.  

Once you are in Cancun´s airport, you´ll encounter yourself with many options to transfer to your destination. 

But keep in mind the comfort for both of you. there are pet-friendly buses but honestly is not a very viable choice if you are traveling solo or with a partner. 

My advice would be for you to hire a Cancun car rental service or a private Cancun airport transportation service. These are the fairest options in terms of price, comfort, and safeties. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that for any transportation option you choose, you´ll have to keep your furry friend in its carrier until you reach your hotel. This to avoid any additional charges for an incident.

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