A Traveler’s Cancun Mexican Survival Guide: Your basic travel needs when visiting Cancun.

A Traveler’s Cancun Mexican Survival Guide: Your basic travel needs when visiting Cancun.

If you are planning your first visit to Cancun, Mexico it is important to be aware of the methods of transportation and the places to avoid while staying in town.

Chances are that you will be checking out a few places within Cancun as well as visiting other cities such as Playa del Carmen and Tulum.  Many prefer to use a car for its convenience and comfort but there are several other options we should consider.


#1 Helth situation in Mexico.

You need to check the site of the Quintana Roo´s government and examine the stage in which they are. I´ll explain it better.

So, Mexico has generated a kind of “traffic -light” method to measure the public health of the country. Red, orange, yellow, and green.

  • Red basically means that only essential businesses are allowed to operate. And public places such as beaches, nightclubs, tours, and more are closed.
  • Orange is pretty much the same but a few non-essential businesses can open at this stage, at a minimum percentage of capacity.
  • Yellow, means that you´ll be able to do more things and visit more places.
  • Green, well essentially everything is back to normal. Just a few restrictions remain.

 It is important to understand that this changes every week, so you´ll have to be on the look.


# 2 Airport Transportation.

Cancun has a peculiar case. The airport is about 7.5 miles away from downtown (30 minutes approximately). This means that you´ll need a transportation service to get to your hotel or other destinations.

You might be thinking about taking a cab or an UBER, right? well, uber service is not allowed at the airport or anywhere else for that matter (Quintana Roo), and cabs tend to be overpriced.

Don´t get me wrong. Taxis are a fast way to get to your destiny and that’s a quality you are looking for after a long flight. But, there are other options with lower prices and equally effective.

Bus (ADO). There is a bus company at the airport and you can buy your tickets inside and find the terminal easily. This is the cheapest transportation service.

It´s only inconvenient is the fact that they don´t take you directly to your destination or make stops. It will take you to their other terminal located in Cancun´s downtown. Plus, since it is a shared service you´ll probably have to wait before getting one.

Private Transportation. They have higher rates, but it is completely personal and it will take you wherever you want with all the commodities.

In my case, I took a Shuttle from Cancun to Tulum and had no complaints.

Cancun car rental. If you are an adventurer and prefer to move at your rhythm, this might the ideal choice for you. They are not that expensive and you can get a nice deal.

So before you go to this beautiful city, take into count the needs you have and establish a budget so you can make a choice.

Cynthia Porter


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