A Man’s Guide to Dressing up for a Date

A Man’s Guide to Dressing up for a Date

Nervous about your first date? Can’t figure out what to wear? That makes two of us!
First dates are nerve-wracking, especially when you really like this person and want to make a great first impression. Even if you have been on a lot of dates, you would still get butterflies in your belly.
There’s a lot to think about like where to go, what are you going to say and what to WEAR?
Assembling a good outfit takes a lot of planning. If you plan out everything in advance, you won’t have to sweat trying to decide what to wear. Don’t worry, let’s help you out with this guide on how to dress for your first date:

The Right Fit Matters

It doesn’t matter how expensive the clothes are, if they don’t fit your body well, you won’t look good. You wouldn’t want your date to be distracted by your loosely fitted clothes. The right fit is not skin-tight but the kind of fit where clothes hug and not constrict movement.
A tailored slim button-down shirt, dinner jacket, and straight-leg jeans are the way to go.

Pay Attention to Detail

Keep in mind, it’s the smallest things that get noticed so pay attention to detail. Brush off the lint from your clothes, make sure your shirt is wrinkle-free, leave just the right number of buttons open. Your date will appreciate how well you have put everything together. Plus, you will feel confident about how you look.

Think About the Time of the Day

The biggest factor that determines your dressing is the date of the day. If it’s daytime, then dress more casually. On the other hand, if it’s nighttime, choose a dressier look. Want some inspiration? Here are some outfit ideas according to the time of the date:

Laid Back Day-Date

If it’s daytime and you are going to a bar or a coffee shop, your casual outfit may consist of dark wash denim, khaki pants, long sleeve Henley or a slim fit sweater. Wear a pair of boots instead of sneakers. If it’s wet or chilly out there, wear a coat or a jacket.

Somewhere in the Middle

When the venue is somewhere in the middle (when it’s neither formal nor informal), it’s best to go on the dressier side. Wear straight leg or slim chinos, plaid dress shirt, and keep it tucked in. Don’t forget to add a belt. Complete the look by wearing a statement coat and add suede boots.

Dinner Date

If it’s a dinner date, then dressing up is much simpler. Wear pleated dress pants, a solid colored dress shirt, and a sport coat. To finish off the look, wear a bold tie. You can also add a pocket square that matches everything.

The Dos and Don’ts of Styling

Every individual has a different taste and preference when it comes to dressing up. Before you step out of the door, keep these dos and don’ts of styling in mind:

The Dos

● If you ask about one thing you should wear, always wear a nice watch. It doesn’t have to be something expensive. When you are headed for dinner wear, go for a watch with a metallic strap. On the other hand, if it’s a day-time meet-up, wear a sporty version.
● Stick to dark or neutral colors. These hues keep your look grounded. White, black, navy, and gray are the colors you cannot ever go wrong with. This applies to jeans well. You can always experiment with colors during the daytime dates.
● Always wear quality underwear. You never know where the two of you end up. Go for a nice pair of neutral-looking boxers.
● Wear a good cologne. It shouldn’t be too sharp though. To keep things simple, wear your favorite scent. Don’t go crazy though. You don’t want to overpower the room with the smell of your perfume.
● Keep your shoes polished. They should look brand new. If you are planning to wear sneakers, make sure they look tidy. Ladies notice shoes so you don’t want to go wrong!

The Dont’s

● Never wear a hoodie to a date. You don’t want your date to think you put zero effort into your outfit. Wear a cashmere sweater or a denim jacket instead.
● Don’t wear sunglasses or a hat indoors. This gives the impression that you are hiding something.
● Leave busy patterns at home. It’s not a great idea to show your carefree personality on the first date. Instead, start incorporating smaller bits of colors as your date progresses.

Summing Up

Dressing up for the first date is overwhelming but with careful planning, you can nail your look and make a great impression. Stick to this guide to do everything right.

Scott Somerville

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