A Guide About Facebook Advertisement Types and Strategy

A Guide About Facebook Advertisement Types and Strategy

With the Emergence of Facebook advertisement strategies, business owners and influencers have found an easier way of reaching their target audience. This means that Facebook ads can get your message right in front of people deeply in need of your products and services so much easier and a lot faster. In the course of this article, you would learn how this digital marketing strategy could get your business the best results.


This is why it’s very important for you as a business owner, to understand and know the various types of Facebook Advertisement and all their targeting options.

Looking to know how to begin your Facebook ads, below are the various types of Facebook ads for a start.

Types Of Facebook Ads

Image Ads:

This involves boosting an existing post with an image from your Facebook page. You may think it doesn’t work but it works just like magic.

Video Ads:

This shows people your product in action. It gives a clearer perspective when you use a video instead of just an image. Graphics and animations are better options.

Video Poll Ads:

This is a brand new type of paid ad that can increase awareness easily and fastly.

Carousel Ads:

This is the type that uses more than one or two images to display products and services.

Slideshow Ads:

These are short video ads ranging from still photos, texts or existing video clips.

Collection Ad:

This enables you to display a lot of products that customers can check and buy instantly.

Lead Ads:

 This is available only for mobile devices. It is easier to get people’s contacts through this means. Newsletter subscription, signing up for products enables your customers to get more information about you and your product.

Messenger Ads:

This gives you access to your Facebook friends who use messenger every day.


Dynamic Ads:

This is the type that gets your ads appearing on people’s Facebook feeds. It also reminds customers to complete their purchase and helps to retarget potential customers.

Stories Ads:

This helps to maximize screen size without expecting the viewers to turn the screen.


Stories Augmented Reality Ads:

This is a new ad format on Facebook that uses features like filters and animations so that people can get access to your brand.

Playable Ads:

This creates an avenue for instructiveness by creating a given experience. here  Calls-to-action is used to create interactivity in the Facebook Ad campaign. You will be able to lift up your brand and make it more favorable.


Audience Targeting

 After you must have named your Facebook ad campaign and chosen the page for a promotion, it’s now time to scroll down and build your target audience. The first option will be to add a custom audience of people who already interacted with your business online and offline. Select a target location, age, gender, language.

There is an estimated number of page likes, though they are not always guaranteed. Make your targeting detailed based on demographics, interests, and behaviors. Here, you would get to either include or exclude some people. You can connect only with people with whom you are yet to connect and exclude those with whom you have a connection already.

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