7 Twitter Tools You Must Try Once in 2021

7 Twitter Tools You Must Try Once in 2021

Twitter is a powerful social media marketing tool if use right. Whether you are promoting your products or listening to your users’ complaints, Twitter is the best way to get them. Earlier it has a limitation of 140 characters which is now has increased to 240 characters.

Companies out there are using Twitter to advertise new products, sales and listening to their audience’s thoughts. But to reach them at the right place, you will have to be super active and know what types of content your audience wants from you.

But the question is?

How would you know what types of content your audience wants from you?

This is where Twitter management tools come into play.

Let’s check them out:


Circleboom is a new but powerful Twitter management tool with lots of cool features. Using this Twitter account management tool and app, you can manage your Twitter account effortlessly.

You can delete all tweets, find inactive accounts, and delete retweets, old tweets, and history in few clicks. It doesn’t matter if you are using Circleboom for business or personal use; it will be the best tool for Twitter.

With this tool, you can find the best people to follow along with non-followers and spam accounts that aren’t adding any value to your profile.

You can unfollow 20 users per day with free accounts. To unfollow more fake accounts, you will have to upgrade your free Circleboom account.

Circleboom is a complete Twitter management tool to track and analyze your Twitter profile. Checkout this Circleboom review to know more about this amazing social management application.


When it comes to managing social media accounts, HootSuite is the best social media management app. It has lots of cool features that will help your social networking be organized. Along with Twitter, you can also manage Facebook and LinkedIn from a single dashboard of HootSuite.

The feature I love most is a schedule to schedule your posts for later publication on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

HootSuite offers both free and paid service to its users. Both versions allow users to shrink links that can be posted later on social media.


Like HootSuite, Tweetdeck also has a dashboard that allows users to organize their tweets and other posts to publish on social media sites. Twitter owns the best thing about Tweetdeck, so there are no worries about data theft.

You can organize your Twitter audience into groups which will make you plan your content accordingly. You can use Tweetdeck for free.


When you are doing social media marketing seriously, you will need someone who posts valuable content consistently. And we know it’s not easy when you are solely managing multiple works.

This is where Buffer comes into play. Buffer has a social media scheduling feature that posts content on your behalf to your profile. Buffer has both free and paid plans, and you can choose them as per your need. For personal use, free accounts are enough.


If you are a fan of simple user-interface, then you will love this tool—Twitter Counteroffers basic analytics and graphs for followers and tweets. You can even sort them hourly and monthly.

It provides you with real-time statistics and creates content on this for your followers automatically to increase engagement and followers growth.


ManageFliter is another favorite of mine because of its amazing features and simple user-interface. This is one of the best Twitter unfollow tools you can use to unfollow non-followers, spam accounts, and eggheads in few clicks.

ManageFliter shows the right time when you should publish your content on Twitter to get the most engagement. ManageFlitter is a web-based application that assists Twitter users in gaining insight into their Twitter account. ManageFlitter provides a set of tools that allows Twitter users to curate, prune and grow their Twitter account effectively.


If you want to grow your Twitter followers fast, then this tool is worth checking out. You can easily add up to 150 like-minded followers to your account using this tool. It is a web-based application that automatically finds people like on Twitter to add them to your circle.

Over to You!

If you are not on Twitter for fun, then you should definitely check out these Twitter tools. You can increase your followers, remove fake accounts, non-followers, and eggheads. You will most of all get data about your followers, including their age, demographics, interest, etc.

Grow your business on Twitter with these small social management tools like never before. Let me know which Twitter tools you are going to use first.

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