5 Reasons Why You Should Start A Blog As Business

5 Reasons Why You Should Start A Blog As Business

Blogging has become more a career rather than a passion at this time. Starting a blog is just a simple process that can be done in 10 steps. Here have a look on 10 steps how to start a blog and make money $500/month. But If I am not wrong one think is playing on your mind why you should start a blog? Is there any valuable reason that matters?

I have only one answer for these two questions. And the answer is, Yes!

Today, I am going to tell you 5 reasons that will make you inspired to start a blog. Because, this a huge profitable work without any investment or  a simple investment. Have a speedy look on these 5 reasons. For starting, you can launch your new blog with the cheapest price ever, start a blog with hosting, the most saving plans you will find here.


Start a Blog Today For These 5 Unavoidable Reasons


  1. To make money
  2. Grow your business
  3. Develop your writing skills
  4. To make your own online community
  5. It’s a career which has no time maintenance



  1. To make money

The first reason to start a blog is it’s money making. Really, a blog can change your life making a huge amount of money. This is not yearly, monthly rather a blog can everyday make a big amount of money. Let me see you an example.


New BlogLand is a simple blog that was found in 2015 by an Indian student Robin Khokar. A lot of traffic daily visits this blog now. The investment of this blog was not so high. Probably, it takes 20$ to launch for domain and hosting. But now it’s making about $100 per day. So, think what’s the monthly income of Robin Khokar from this blog where the expense amount is very less. Approximately, $1000 monthly revenue of TrickyEnough. So, why not you should take a chance to make the same? Let’s begin here to start a blog.


If you have a blog and that has some traffic daily, you can start earning from Google Adsense. There  are many ways to make money from a blog. The major is two.



  1. To make your own online community

If you have a blog, your readers will read articles and give you feedback. They will comments in your blog. By this a online community will be created. And this community is owned by you. They will listen what are you talking, they will do what are you telling, they will follow you what are you doing. And this is not a local community. This is international. Here you’ll be able to connect who are lives in developed countries like US, UK, Canada etc.


  1. It’s a career which has no time maintanace


This is the last and most interesting reason. We all want to get a handsome salary after the month but we don’t want to maintain any time rules! That’s why, this is interesting reason to start a blog. Because, this is the only way by which anybody can get a handsome salary without maintaining any time rules like 10am – 4pm. And you know that now the earning amount from a blog is far more than a govt. job salary. So start a blog and enjoy your life.


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