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5 Google Map tricks you need to try

5 Google Map tricks you need to try

Google Maps has transformed our way of navigating the world. Google Maps mobile and desktop apps have become not just a tool to get from one place to another through public transportation, car, or by foot. The universal service of Google is also a geospatial search engine that enables us to see the world.

Google continues to update and enhance its map features and product such as AR or augmented reality as well as commuter options. However, there are a lot of personalized tools and secret functions that already exist in Google Maps that you may not have any idea about.

Without Google Maps, it might be hard to navigate things. Printing out driving routes and memorizing directions is becoming more accessible where a comprehensive map is ready for any access. There might be essential features that you are not aware of. This well-known platform of Google is full of mystery and tricks more than what you might expect. Below are five of the Google Map tricks that you need to try.

Augmented Reality Walking Directions

Google Maps has AR walking directions in specific locations, which is very helpful if you’re strolling around a city. This Google Map feature covers directional instructions along with Google Map 360 Street View to assist you in your journey. The location must support a strong Google Map 360 Street View. If it is available, there will be an option that’s saying “Live View” and located at the bottom of the screen if you’ll be searching for walking directions. If your device doesn’t have an augmented reality view yet, there’s a blue dot on Google Maps when you just need to tilt your device towards the area you’re supposed to walk.

Go completely hands-free

If you’re a driver, you might have been guilty of always checking your devices while on the road to check when you will turn or how long is left before you arrive. If you’re using an Android smartphone, Google Maps covers an entire series of useful voice prompts that will function whenever you’re navigating it actively. You just need to speak into the device and say things like “Hey, Google” then say what you want to know.

For example, you can ask, “Find the nearest cafe”, “What street is this?”, “What is my estimation time of arrival?”. You can ask anything related to directions. Aside from directions, you can also tell your device to play music, send text messages, or call someone without you looking into your phone.

Share your location with a friend

Sometimes, when traveling, you may want to share with your family or friends where you are currently and how long it took before you arrive. Google Map has a “share tip progress” feature where you can easily share your ETA. Click the portion near the button of the screen where the application displays how long it will take before you arrive. You can choose a contact with whom you would like to share the location until you reach the place.

Check the location in advance

Photos may deceive you, so prior to booking a place, you can double-check it through Google Maps. You just need to search for the location in the Google Maps app. Most of the places such as hotels and resorts have a 3D virtual tour available. A 3D virtual tour nowadays enhances the chances of businesses to bring in more customers. When using a 3D virtual tour, you can zoom in and out by swiping your finger across the screen to closely check the location.

Travel through time with Street View

The Google Map 360 Street View is an exciting way to check different places across various countries, but it is also a gold mine of old images. You just need to open Google Map 360 Street View and tap on the clock-shaped menu in the top left corner of the app. Then, you can scan through multiple images that Google took over the years of any particular location.

For example, you’re wondering what your area looked like ten years ago. Google Map 360 Street View is a secret function of Google that lets you do that. From there, you can make a 3D virtual tour of the area. Just search for the location you would like to see in Google Map, then click the yellow person icon in the bottom right corner, then drag it to the area you want to see. You will be able to see the site through this Google Map 360 Street View. Click the clock-like icon at the top left corner of the screen to change the date.

Hire an expert developer

Google Map is one of the most useful navigation apps nowadays. But not all people know its full functionality and have no idea that there are some hidden features that are essential in our everyday lives. If you’re a business owner and want to take advantage of this tool, you may hire an expert developer in Digital Solutions. We can help you get a 3D virtual tour for your business or anything related to eCommerce marketing.

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