35 Fun Facts About Hair

35 Fun Facts About Hair

Thick and healthy hair is the dream of every person. In order to achieve healthy hair, most of us not only opt for home remedies, use expensive hair products, supplements but also visit their dermatologists for their hair treatments. 

Back in a few years, thinning of hair was not common as it is now. According to the dermatologists of the Health Bridge Hospital, our lifestyle habits, eating habits, pollution and changing norms of workaholic routine along with the time spent on the screens are the contributing factors in hair fall. Genetics does play a role in determining our hair-health, but, environmental triggers are also a potential contributor to your hair fall.

Now, let’s put hair-fall anxiety aside, grab a cup of your favourite coffee or tea and enjoy the interesting facts about the hair!

So, without waiting, let’s get started with the Fun Facts!

    1. The fastest-growing tissue in your body is hair.
    2. According to the best hair transplant surgeons in Lahore, there are about 100K-150K strands of hair present on an average’s individual head.
    3. The thickness of a single strand of hair is between 0.016 to 0.05 mm.
    4. It is normal to shed about 40-150 hair strands in a single day.
    5. Hair is made up of a special type of protein known as “Keratin”.
    6. Keratin of your hair is composed of “cysteine” which is an amino acid and it helps in giving the shape of your hair.
    7. Every day, on an average adult’s scalp, about 35 meters of the hair fibre is produced.
    8. At any time, only 10% of your hair are resting while 90% are growing.
    9. By the age of 50 years, about 50% of males suffer from male pattern baldness.
    10. Balding or thinning of hair would be considered balding only if you have lost 50% of your hair. 
    11. Hair fall is also caused by iron deficiency and thyroid imbalance.
    12. Certain medications and even chemotherapy can lead to hair fall.
    13. On an average human’s scalp, per square centimetre about 1000 active hair follicles are present.
    14. You cannot increase the number of follicles you are born with. 
    15. Hair follicles are starting to form in a baby in a womb after 5 months of pregnancy.
    16. Pigment production in the hair decreases with the age, hence your hair turns grey when you age.
    17. Your hair will never produce hair colour when the melanin production stops in your hair follicles.
    18.  A single strand of your hair has the ability to support about 3 ounces of the weight. 
    19. As you age, the length of the hair growing phase shortens.
    20. Your hair follicle has the ability to grow into new hair. And to be exact in a lifetime, it grows new hair 20 times.
    21. In humid weather conditions, your hair won’t be straight, because water alters the hydrogen bonds of your hair.
    22. The hydrogen bonds of your hair are changed, during blow-drying, which thus gives a specific shape to your hair.
    23. The hair inside your scalp is not dead while the hair on your scalp is dead.
    24. The hair of Asian people grows the fastest and has the best elasticity.
    25. Asians are less prone to balding as compared to Europeans and African.
    26. The hair color of Asians is mostly dark brown or black.
    27. Asian also mostly have straight black hair.
  • “Malassezia globosa” is a common dandruff-causing fungus.
  • During pregnancy, the hormones of the females are affected. Hence, after giving birth they experience excessive hair fall. The reason being their hormones are normalizing themselves.
  • In order to smooth the cuticle and to restore the pH of the damaged hair, mostly shampoos are a bit acidic.
  • The word “shampoo” originated from the “champna”. It is a Hindi word meaning “to knead”.
  • There is no way to repair the split ends completely so you have to cut them.
  • The tensile strength of your hair is close to the steel.
  • Your hair will only break when it is stretched 1.5 times longer than its original length.
  • The texture of different hair types vary. Under a microscope, curly hair appears to be “oval-shaped” while straight hair is “round-shaped”.

Now, as you know 35 fun facts about hair, you can impress others by sharing this knowledge. I am sure, you are bound to earn some respect next time you meet your friend and share fun facts about hair.

Happy Reading and Fun-Factingggg!

Haseeb Pirzada


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